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A Nightmare
William Schwenck Gilbert
When you're lying awake with a dismal headache, and repose is taboo'd by anxiety, I conceive you may use any language you choose to indulge in with...Rate it:

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A Question
Francis Thompson
O bird with heart of wassail, That toss the Bacchic branch, And slip your shaken music, An elfin avalanche; Come tell me, O tell me, My poet of th...Rate it:

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A Royal Princess
Christina Georgina Rossetti
I, a princess, king-descended, decked with jewels, gilded, drest, Would rather be a peasant with her baby at her breast, For all I shine so like th...Rate it:

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A Thunderstorm
Archibald Lampman
A moment the wild swallows like a flight Of withered gust-caught leaves, serenely high, Toss in the windrack up the muttering sky. The leaves...Rate it:

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Thomas William Heney
Ah, happy air that, rough or soft, May kiss that face and stay; And happy beams that from above May choose to her their way; And happy fl...Rate it:

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Anne Kingsmill Finch
While Monarchs in stern Battle strove For proud Imperial Sway; Abandon'd to his milder Love, Within a silent peaceful Grove, Alcidor careless...Rate it:

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Alexander's Feast; Or, The Power Of Music
John Dryden
'Twas at the royal feast for Persia won By Philip's warlike son— Aloft in awful state The godlike hero sate On his imperial throne; His valiant pe...Rate it:

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Among The Millet
Archibald Lampman
The dew is gleaming in the grass, The morning hours are seven, And I am fain to watch you pass, Ye soft white clouds of heaven. Ye stray and gathe...Rate it:

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An Australian Paean—1876
Marcus Clarke
The English air is fresh and fair, The Irish fields are green; The bright light gleams o’er Scotland’s streams, And glows her hills between. The ha...Rate it:

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And If I Did, What Then?
George Gascoigne
1 'And if I did, what then? 2 Are you aggriev'd therefore? 3 The sea hath fish for every man, 4 And what would you have more?' 5...Rate it:

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Alexander Pope
When wise Ulysses, from his native coast Long kept by wars, and long by tempests toss'd, Arrived at last, poor, old, disguised, alone, To all hi...Rate it:

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Conrad Potter Aiken
Light your cigarette, then, in this shadow, And talk to her, your arm engaged with hers. Heavily over your heads the eaten maple In the dead air of...Rate it:

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At The Ship’s Rail
Harriet Monroe
The blue sea bends to the ship Like a dancer with skirts of lace— Wide diaphanous laces that curl and dip In the ardent wind's embrace. Little ra...Rate it:

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Ballad Of Human Life
Thomas Lovell Beddoes
WHEN we were girl and boy together, We toss’d about the flowers And wreath’d the blushing hours Into a posy green and sweet. I sought th...Rate it:

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Ballade Of The Southern Cross
Andrew Lang
Fair islands of the silver fleece, Hoards of unsunned, uncounted gold, Whose havens are the haunts of Peace, Whose boys are in our quarrel bold; OU...Rate it:

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Bannerman of the Dandenong
Alice Werner
I rode through the Bush in the burning noon, Over the hills to my bride, -- The track was rough and the way was long, And Bannerman of the Da...Rate it:

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Beauty And The Beast
Charles Lamb
A Merchant, who by generous pains Prospered in honourable gains, Could boast, his wealth and fame to share, Three manly Sons, three Daughters fair;...Rate it:

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Before the Altar
Amy Lowell
Before the Altar, bowed, he stands With empty hands; Upon it perfumed offerings burn Wreathing with smoke the sacrificial urn. Not one of all t...Rate it:

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Katharine Lee Bates
COLOSSAL orb of space, Sparkling with diamond Of countless star on star, All whirling with wild grace In their enwoven dance Illimitably far, What ...Rate it:

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Book Ninth [Residence in France]
William Wordsworth
EVEN as a river,--partly (it might seem) Yielding to old remembrances, and swayed In part by fear to shape a way direct, That would engulph him soo...Rate it:

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Isabella Valancy Crawford
BOUCHE-MIGNONNE lived in the mill, Past the vineyards shady, Where the sun shone on a rill Jewelled like a lady. Proud the stream with lily-bud, G...Rate it:

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Bride Song
Christina Georgina Rossetti
From 'The Prince's Progress' TOO late for love, too late for joy, Too late, too late! You loiter'd on the road too long, You trifled at ...Rate it:

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Caliban Upon Rudiments Or Autoschediastic Theology In A Hole
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
Rudiments, Rudiments, and Rudiments! 'Thinketh one made them i' the fit o' the blues. 'Thinketh one made them with the 'tips' to match, But not t...Rate it:

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Canadian Sports and Games and Plays
James McIntyre
Burns sang of joys of Hallowe'en, But in Canada is oft seen By far more jolly times than these, At logging raising, paring bees, For here the youth...Rate it:

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Castles In Spain. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fifth)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
How much of my young heart, O Spain, Went out to thee in days of yore! What dreams romantic filled my brain, And summoned back to life again The Pa...Rate it:

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