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Ole Wirginny
Anonymous Americas
In a little log house in Ole Wirginny, Sum niggas lib dat cum from Guinny; Dare massas flog' em berry little - But gib dem plenty work and wittle. ...Rate it:

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Olney Hymn 37: Temptation
William Cowper
The billows swell, the winds are high, Clouds overcast my wintry sky; Out of the depths to Thee I call, - My fears are great, my strength is sma...Rate it:

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On Happiness
James Thomson
Warm'd by the summer sun's meridian ray, As underneath a spreading oak I lay Contemplating the mighty load of woe, In search of bliss that morta...Rate it:

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On Hearing Of The Intention Of A Gentleman To Purchase The Poet's Freedom
George Moses Horton
When on life's ocean first I spread my sail, I then implored a mild auspicious gale; And from the slippery strand I took my flight, And sought the ...Rate it:

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On Leaving Mrs. Brown's Lodgings
Sir Walter Scott
So goodbye, Mrs. Brown, I am going out of town, Over dale, over down, Where bugs bite not, Where lodgers fight not, Where below your chairmen ...Rate it:

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On St. David's Day
James Clerk Maxwell
To Mrs. E.C. Morrieson ’Twas not chance but deep design, Tho’ of whom I can't divine Made the courtly Valentine (Corpulent saint and bishop) Such ...Rate it:

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On The Lake
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I DRINK fresh nourishment, new blood From out this world more free; The Nature is so kind and good That to her breast clasps me! The billows toss...Rate it:

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On the Memory of Mr. Edward King, Drown'd in the Irish Seas
John Cleveland
I like not tears in tune, nor do I prize His artificial grief that scans his eyes; Mine weep down pious beads, but why should I Confine th...Rate it:

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On The Report Of A Monument To Be Erected In Westminster Abbey, To The Memory Of A Late Author (Churchill)
James Beattie
Bufo, begone! with thee may Faction's fire, That hatch'd thy salamander-fame, expire. Fame, dirty idol of the brainless crowd, What half-made moon-...Rate it:

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Our Helen
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Our Helen is a 'perfect love' Of a blue-eyed baby; When she's grown she'll be a belle, And a 'Venus,' may be. Such a cunning little mouth, Lips as...Rate it:

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Our Own Flag
Andrew Barton Paterson
They mustered us up with a royal din, In wearisome weeks of drought. Ere ever half of the crops were in, Or the half of the sheds cut out. 'Twas d...Rate it:

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Our Very First Wedding Night
Nikhil Parekh
It was a night for which we both had ardently waited; like the uncouthly sweltering deserts wait; for the first droplets of resplendently bountiful...Rate it:

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Poppies on the Wheat
Helen Hunt Jackson
Along Ancona's hills the shimmering heat, A tropic tide of air with ebb and flow Bathes all the fields of wheat until they glow Like flashing se...Rate it:

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Quatrain 1693 (Farsi with English Translation)
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
ay sâqî, az-ân bâda ke awwal dâd-î riTlê dô dar andâz-o be-y-afzâ shâdî yâ châshniyê az-ân na-bâyast namûd yâ mast-o kharâb kon, chô sar be-g'sh...Rate it:

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Rain on the Hill
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Now on the hill The fitful wind is so still That never a wimpling mist uplifts, Nor a trembling leaf drop-laden stirs; From the ancient firs Ar...Rate it:

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Emily Pauline Johnson
What of the days when we two dreamed together? Days marvellously fair, As lightsome as a skyward floating feather Sailing on summer air-- Sum...Rate it:

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Reason and Passion XV
Khalil Gibran
And the priestess spoke again and said: "Speak to us of Reason and Passion." And he answered saying: Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield, upo...Rate it:

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Frederick George Scott
NO selfish grief, no clamourings at our loss, Shall break the sacred stillness of the dim Dawn of eternity; we leave thee here, Far form t...Rate it:

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Roses In Madrid
Isabella Valancy Crawford
Roses, Senors, roses! Love is subtly hid In the fragrant roses, Blown in gay Madrid. Roses, Senors, roses! Look, look, look, and see Love hanging i...Rate it:

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Saint Germain-En-Laye
Ernest Christopher Dowson
(1887-1895) Through the green boughs I hardly saw thy face, They twined so close: the sun was in mine eyes; And now the sullen trees in sombre lac...Rate it:

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Saving a Train
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas in the year of 1869, and on the 19th of November, Which the people in Southern Germany will long remember, The great rain-storm which for twe...Rate it:

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Sea Love
Charlotte Mary Mew
Tide be runnin' the great world over: 'Twas only last June month I mind that we Was thinkin' the toss and the call in the breast of the lover So ev...Rate it:

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Walter de la Mare
Black lacqueys at the wide-flung door Stand mute as men of wood. Gleams like a pool the ballroom floor — A burnished solitude. A hundred waxen tape...Rate it:

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Seraph's Delight
Kurt Philip Behm
There’s a voice deep inside me still trying to get out Ignoring my pleadings, it screams and it shouts Its call is the loudest on those dar...Rate it:

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James Thomson
In one diffusive band, They drive the troubled flocks, by many a dog Compell'd to where the mazy-running brook Forms a deep pool; this bank abrupt ...Rate it:

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