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Winter Evening
Archibald Lampman
To-night the very horses springing by Toss gold from whitened nostrils. In a dream The streets that narrow to the westward gleam Like rows of...Rate it:

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Archibald Lampman
The wind-swayed daisies, that on every side Throng the wide fields in whispering companies, Serene and gently smiling like the eyes Of tender child...Rate it:

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Dorothy Parker
This I say, and this I know: Love has seen the last of me. Love's a trodden lane to woe, Love's a path to misery. This I know, and knew before...Rate it:

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Robert William Service
Oh how I'd be gay and glad If a little house I had, Snuggled in a shady lot, With behind a garden plot; Simple grub, old duds to wear, A book, a pi...Rate it:

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Wormwood and Nightshade
Adam Lindsay Gordon
The troubles of life are many, The pleasures of life are few ; When we sat in the sunlight, Annie, I dreamt that the skies were blue— When we sat i...Rate it:

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Written in Northampton County Asylum
John Clare
I am! yet what I am who cares, or knows? My friends forsake me like a memory lost. I am the self-consumer of my woes; They rise and vanish, an obli...Rate it:

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Your hay it is mow'd, and your corn is reap'd
John Dryden
(Comus.) Your hay it is mow'd, and your corn is reap'd; Your barns will be full, and your hovels heap'd: Come, my boys, come; C...Rate it:

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Your mirror frame
Emily Pauline Johnson
Methinks I see your mirror frame, Ornate with photographs of them. Place mine therein, for, all the same, I'll have my little laughs at them. ...Rate it:

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