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Le Vieux Mouton
Maurice Rollinat
une épave : Et dans un gouffre, auprès d’un torrent plein de bave, Il traînait le cancer qui lui maRate it:

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Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
are they. Rayyán lies lorn with its white torrent beds, scored in lines like writings left by the fRate it:

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Les Larmes
Maurice Rollinat
de mères Ayant au moins pour s’épancher Le torrent des larmes amères Que la mort seule peut sécher Rate it:

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Les villes
Emile Verhaeren
blasphème, Ta volonté jetée en proie à leur torrent Et vous vous maudissiez tout en vous adorant.Rate it:

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Lines Addressed To The Rev. J. T. Becher, On His Advising The Author To Mix More With Society
George Gordon Lord Byron
length, in a volume terrific reveal'd, No torrent can quench it, no bounds can repress. Oh! thus,Rate it:

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Lines on Niagaras [sic] Charms and Death
James McIntyre
wave, Alas ! Found here a watery grave. Torrent onward rushes, frantic On its course to the AtlantiRate it:

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Lines Written On Hearing The News Of The Death Of Napoleon
Percy Bysshe Shelley
spirit rolled, In terror and blood and gold, A torrent of ruin to death from his birth. Leave the mRate it:

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Look-Out Mountain
Herman Melville
Might; 'Tis the fastness of the Anarch, Torrent-torn, an ancient height; The crags resound the clanRate it:

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Loud Without the Wind Was Roaring
Emily Jane Brontë
from valley and lowland, To walk by the hill-torrent's side! It is swelled with the first snowy Rate it:

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Love, Hope, Desire, And Fear
Percy Bysshe Shelley
with her palsying spear, So that as if a frozen torrent The blood was curdled in its current; It dRate it:

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Marmion: Introduction to Canto III.
Sir Walter Scott
streamlet of the mountain North, Now in a torrent racing forth, Now winding slow its silver train, Rate it:

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Master or slave
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
and saw and hammer, Turn to light the tumbling torrent,- All his din and rage abhorrent Shall, if wRate it:

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Mediocrity in Love Rejected
Thomas Carew
in pleasure; if it prove Disdain, that torrent will devour My vulture-hopes; and he's posseRate it:

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William Henry Drummond
with rifts of driving snow. Freeze every leaping torrent, bind all the crystal lakes, Tell us of fiRate it:

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Minstrel's Book - Song And Structure
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
it is our joy to court Great Euphrates' torrent, Here and there at will to sport In the Wat'ry cuRate it:

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Monument Mountain
William Cullen Bryant
roads, and there on solitudes That only hear the torrent, and the wind, And eagle's shriek. There iRate it:

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Henry Kendall
hide by flashing current Like a sister of the torrent, Far away by Mooni’s springs. He that is Rate it:

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Moses On The Nile
Victor Marie Hugo
Jacob! let thy tears no longer swell The torrent of the Egyptian river: Lo! Soon on the Jordan's baRate it:

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Mountain Moss
Henry Kendall
hidden mountain glade; And past its brink the torrent moans For ever in a dreamy shade. A little pRate it:

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Music's Duel
Richard Crashaw
from so small a channel should be raised The torrent of a voice, whose melody Could melt into such Rate it:

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George Meredith
for his predestined ones, Mid shrieks and torrent-hooves; but these, Inebriate of his inevitable deRate it:

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Narva and Mored
Thomas Chatterton
tempest lours, Whilst down its side the gushing torrent pours, Like the long cliffy mountains whiRate it:

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New Country
Mary Hannay Foott
plains with never a tree; Up the cliffs by a torrent's bed. Bridle on arm for a mile or more Rate it:

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Night Without Sleep
Robinson Jeffers
their earth and lie thwart the gorge. I hear the torrent boulders battering each other, I feel the Rate it:

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Nineteenth Sunday After Trinity
John Keble
When Persecution's torrent blaze Wraps the unshrinking Martyr's head; When fade all earthly flowers and bays, When summer friends are gone and ...Rate it:

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