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After a Quarrel
Alice Duer Miller
ugly things have been said, Bitter things, in a tone controlled, well-bred, Temperate; we weighedRate it:

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After Reading Trollope's History Of Florence
Eugene Field
morning breeze-- I hear a voice, of prophet tone, A voice of doom, like his alone That once in GadRate it:

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Alfred Austin
note hath died; But glancing eye and glowing tone Fall on her from her god, her guide. She knRate it:

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Aims At Happiness
Jane Taylor
distant sail : 'How pleasant,' then, in languid tone, he'll cry, 'To sit and see the boats and shipRate it:

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Albert and His Savings
Marriott Edgar
all that money..." Said Pa, in an admonitory tone "On toffee an' things for your stomach." Said MotRate it:

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Alf’s Eighth Bit
Ezra Pound
you git off the Embankment. This is the kind of tone and Solemnity That used to be used on the youRate it:

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Alice And The White Knight
Lewis Carroll
are sad.' the Knight said in an anxious tone: 'let me sing you a song to comfort you.' 'Is it veryRate it:

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Edwin Arlington Robinson
I have made For Amaryllis.” There was in the tone Of his complaint such quaver and such moan ThatRate it:

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An Australian Girl
Ethel Castilla
has a beauty of her own, A beauty of a paler tone Than English belles; Yet southern sun and sRate it:

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An Epistle to Mr. Southerne
Elijah Fenton
circumcis'd her Locks, and form'd her Tone, By humming to a Tabor, and a Drone: Her Eyes she discipRate it:

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An Fouqué
Adelbert Von Chamisso
Kann nicht reden, kann nicht schreiben, Kann nicht sagen, wie mir ist! Mir ist wohl und bang im Herzen, Kann nicht ernst sein, kann nicht scherzen,...Rate it:

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An Old Doll
Ada Cambridge
has she there. 'My dolly,' she replies, But tone and smile and gesture say, 'My angel from the skieRate it:

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An Ultimatum To Myrtilla
Franklin P. Adams
Ah, Myrtilla mine, you said- And your tone was earnest, very- You would never deck your head With this vernal millinery. Myrt, to mince no wor...Rate it:

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And Thus In Nineveh
Ezra Pound
that my song rings highest Or more sweet in tone than any, but that I Am here a Poet, that doth driRate it:

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Apology to Delia
William Cowper
a severed bone, Improves and joins a stronger tone When amply reunited. Rate it:

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Arabella Stuart
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
thy deep-thrilling voice, with that low tone Of earnest tenderness, which now, ev'n now, Seems floaRate it:

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Army Headquarters
Rudyard Kipling
dowered with a tenor voice of super-Santley tone. His views on equitation were, perhaps, a trifle qRate it:

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Alfred Noyes
with the cosmic rhyme You keep Eternal tone and time, By rule of hour and flower, By strength of sRate it:

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At A Funeral
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
roll, Thinking they heard the angel's trumpet tone, I could forget it that you bought a soul Which Rate it:

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At Ithaca
Hilda Doolittle
darkens, and the sea takes on that desperate tone of dark that wives put on when all their love Rate it:

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At Shelley’s Grave
Alfred Austin
ache Was to be tender overmuch To Nature's every tone and touch. The insolence of stranger drum, VRate it:

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At the Long Sault
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Voices unearthly, summonings high­ Rang his tone like a clarion, "Men, See yonder star in the golRate it:

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At the Railway Station, Upways
Thomas Hardy
fiddle to you, And a nice one 'tis, and good in tone!' The man in the handcuffs smiled; The consRate it:

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August Moon
Emma Lazarus
Pan is dead!'' 'Requiescant!' Claude's grave tone Thrilled us strangely. 'I am one Who would not reRate it:

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Aunt Imogen
Edwin Arlington Robinson
in his way of telling it— The language, or the tone, or something else— Gripped like insidious finRate it:

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