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Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
came the unexpected change; A moment every tone was hushed, And then again they freely gushed, BRate it:

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Brothers O' Mine
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
brother o' mine,' Shouted the tippler in riotous tone, 'Toiled thou, and sweated for all that is thRate it:

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The night wind
Eugene Field
true; For the wind will moan in its ruefulest tone: "Yoooooooo! Yoooooooo! Yoooooooo!" Rate it:

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A Brave Refrain
James Whitcomb Riley
the stamp of the stabled horse is vain, And the tone of the cow-bell grieves the ear-- O then is thRate it:

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A Catholic To His Ulster Brother
Dora Sigerson Shorter
bless them yet upon historic pages. Emmet and Tone! Ah, half our pride uprooted, We were but dead iRate it:

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A Child's Laughter
Algernon Charles Swinburne
far than all things heard, Hand of harper, tone of bird, Sound of woods at sundawn stirred, WellingRate it:

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A Dialogue between Old England and New
Anne Bradstreet
ever famous Realm? 7 What means this wailing tone, this mournful guise? 8 Ah, tell thy DaugRate it:

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A Few Short Years From Now
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
to foe—alms unto need— Kind word or gentle tone; The treasures thus laid up in Heav’n By the good oRate it:

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A Florida Sunday.
Sidney Lanier
blown; Yet break they not this peace with alien tone,
Rate it:

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A Hasty Inference
Ambrose Bierce
said the Master (I cannot convey A sense of his tone by mere letters) 'What makes you presume you'lRate it:

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A Historical Problem
James Brunton Stephens
prize aside, But Duty called with trumpet-tone and would not be denied, And at the old familiar souRate it:

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A Later Alexandrian
George Meredith
not Nature's own Divinest, but his lyric had a tone, As 'twere a forest-echo of her voice: What barRate it:

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A Little While
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
day's last sigh, Hast felt thy soul prolong the tone; And I have heard the night-wind cry And deRate it:

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A Lonely Man
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
and hummin' dance tunes just to give my soul a tone. It's muscle I've had to grow since days when IRate it:

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A Matter of Knack
William Thomas Goodge
yer boots off!" said M'Carty in a cheerful tone and hearty, But M'Pherson he objected that the crRate it:

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A Pair
Jane Taylor
was ever known To raise the pitch of fashion's tone ! Or make it yield, by any chance, That studiedRate it:

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A Picture
John Henry Newman
divine call'd forth Its clear sweet, tranquil tone, Or cheerful hymn, or seemly mirth In sprightRate it:

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A Poet to...
Charles Harpur
nurst. And with the river’s murmur, oft a tone Of that far brook seems blending; accents, tooRate it:

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A Portrait
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
to own, The timid blush, and mild submitted tone: Whate’er she says, though sense appear tRate it:

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A PÆan
Edgar Allan Poe
I should not sing at all - V. Or that my tone should be Tun'd to such solemn song So mournfully -Rate it:

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A Rhapsody
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
motes; And in my brain are chords of silver tone Divinely struck to statelier harmonies Than HeavenRate it:

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A Vision Of Climate
Ambrose Bierce
noted the reply (Inaudible to ear of flesh the tone): 'The Finest Climate in the World am I, From SRate it:

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A Woman's Mood
Jenning Carmichael
wind without; The sound takes a deep, insisting tone, Where the trees are swinging their arms abRate it:

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A Woman's Mood
Arthur Bayldon
wind without; The sound takes a deep, insisting tone, Where the trees are swinging their arms Rate it:

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Aansu Kyo? | Sort Poem | KulDeep Sharma
KulDeep Sharma
Fir Kuch Der Baad Call, Fir Se Baji Vohi Busy Tone, Bhul Gaye Sab Mujhe, Bhul Gayi Mujhe Vo Bhi MujRate it:

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