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Cease To Do Evil – Learn To Do Well
Denis Florence MacCarthy
a younger man thou art, Whose ardent soul in throbbings doth aspire, Come weal, come woe, to play tRate it:

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First Love
Count Giacomo Leopardi
both with joy and misery Didst with thy constant throbbings weary so My breast, as panting in my beRate it:

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I Look Into My Glass
Thomas Hardy
And shakes this fragile frame at eve With throbbings of noontide. Rate it:

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Mine Eyes Were Swift To Know Thee
Robert Louis Stevenson
bedfellows: I heard thy talk With answerable throbbings. On the stream, Deep, swift, and clear, thRate it:

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Ode To The Setting Sun
Francis Thompson
of the old Tartarian line Shiver in lustrous throbbings of tinged flame? Whereof a moiety in the PaRate it:

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Petrarch to Laura
Mary Darby Robinson
shall I turn, what balsam find To soothe the throbbings of my fev'rish mind ? What blest relief caRate it:

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Bernard O'Dowd
We are the gnomes of Titan works Whose throbbings never cease; Our unregarded Rate it:

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Run to Death
Amy Levy
nor spoke, Hap, there lurked unowned within them throbbings of a secret shame. But before the flow'Rate it:

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Sabbath Sonnet
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
hath filled My chastened heart, and all its throbbings stilled To one deep calm of lowliest thankRate it:

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Stretcher Case
Siegfried Sassoon
and racket of the train Kept time with angry throbbings in his brain. Then for a while he lapsed Rate it:

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Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 1. Prelude; The Wayside Inn
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
by the magic of his art, He soothed the throbbings of its heart, And lulled it into peace again. Rate it:

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Tear-drop, The
Robert Burns
that now bleeds in my breast, I can feel by its throbbings, will soon be at rest. Of, if I wereRate it:

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The Book of Urizen: Chapter IX
William Blake
Bones began In swift diseases and torments, In throbbings & shootings & grindings Thro' all the coRate it:

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The Charter;
Helen Maria Williams
heart for thee has learn'd to prove The throbbings of a mother's love, Since on thy cradle fell theRate it:

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The Ideals
Friedrich Schiller
tell, Returned each kiss I gave her loving, The throbbings of my heart read well. Then living seemRate it:

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The Tear-drop
Robert Burns
that now bleeds in my breast, I can feel by its throbbings, will soon be at rest. Of, if I were Rate it:

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To Himself
Count Giacomo Leopardi
its deceitful joys. Forever rest! Enough! Thy throbbings cease! Naught can requite thy miseries; NoRate it:

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To John Keats
Amy Lowell
Singing the miles behind him; so may we Faint throbbings of thy music overhear. Rate it:

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Translated from Geibel
Amy Levy
thou oft deceived heart, What mean these noisy throbbings in my breast? After thy long, unutterableRate it:

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Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Trinity
John Keble
is for us our GOD should feel Alone our secret throbbings: so our prayer May readier spring to HRate it:

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Wormwood and Nightshade
Adam Lindsay Gordon
by animal pain.' The restless throbbings and burnings That hope unsatisfied brings, The weary lonRate it:

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Written at the Request of a Gentleman to Whom a Lady Had Given a Sprig of Myrtle
Samuel Johnson
the meaning of thy gift impart, And ease the throbbings of an anxious heart: Soon must this sprig, Rate it:

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