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The Bangle Sellers
Sarojini Naidu
sellers are we who bear Our shining loads to the temple fair... Who will buy these delicate, brightRate it:

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A Hymn
James Thomson
join every living soul, Beneath the spacious temple of the sky, In adoration join! and, ardent, raiRate it:

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A Lover's Call XXVII
Khalil Gibran
my soul, where are you? Are you Praying in the temple? Or calling Nature in the Field, haven of yRate it:

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Anelida and Arcite
Geoffrey Chaucer
frosty contre called Trace, Within thy grisly temple ful of drede Honoured art as patroun of that pRate it:

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Beauty, Time, and Love
Samuel Daniel
love hovers with purest wings, About the temple of the proudest frame, Where blaze those lights, Rate it:

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Book Second [School-Time Continued]
William Wordsworth
the adventure's bound Were distant: some famed temple where of yore The Druids worshipped, or the Rate it:

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Ode To Liberty
Percy Bysshe Shelley
the Sun’s throne: palace and pyramid, Temple and prison, to many a swarming million Were, as to mouRate it:

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Wordsworth At Dove Cottage
Alfred Austin
narrow-roomed Sufficient is for thine. A homely temple haply found Where peasants toil and streamleRate it:

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The Worship of Nature
John Greenleaf Whittier
all its sunlit leaves. The blue sky is the temple's arch, Its transept earth and air, The music Rate it:

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
worthy of acceptation. Fire is bright, Let temple burn, or flax; an equal light Leaps in the flame Rate it:

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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
taking cover Rapula wore a high hat tip on his temple driving a white Benz looking like Baretta IRate it:

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A Ballad Of Whitechapel
Isaac Rosenberg
waits to slay. Love's euphony, In Love's own temple that is our glad hearts, Makes now long music Rate it:

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A Basket of Summer Fruit
Charles Harpur
did rough pendants of barbaric ore Some pillared temple of the olden time. And here are peaches wiRate it:

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A Birthday
Aleister Crowley
cowardice, falsehood, broken pledges, The temple soiled with senseless sacrileges, Sickness and povRate it:

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A Black-List
Ambrose Bierce
his hoary peak, a noble fane! Within that temple all the names are scrolled Of village bards upon aRate it:

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A Cruel Mistress.
Thomas Carew
a goddess no times leave record, That burnt the temple where she was adored. Rate it:

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A Farewell
William Wordsworth
corner in the lowest stair Of that magnificent temple which doth bound One side of our whole vale wRate it:

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A Farewell to False Love
Sir Walter Raleigh
a beast with rage possessed, A way of error, a temple full of treason, In all effects contrary unRate it:

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A Girl Sang a Song
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok
A girl sang a song in the temple's chorus, About men, tired in alien lands, About the ships that left native shores, And all who forgot their jo...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
overlaid With love's sirop, that I may In your temple, when I pray, Kiss the altar, and confess TheRate it:

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A Job Is A Job
Nikhil Parekh
your job was to sacrilegiously desecrate every Temple; Mosque; Church and Monastery as the greatestRate it:

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A Legend of Service
Henry Van Dyke
hour, through Lupon's gate. First to the Temple door he made his way; And there, because it was anRate it:

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A Letter From Italy
Alfred Austin
three nights I halted where Stands the temple, vowed to prayer, That surmounts the Lombard plain, GRate it:

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A Letter of Advice
Winthrop Mackworth Praed
My own Araminta, say 'No!' Miss Lane, at her Temple of Fashion, Taught us both how to sing and Rate it:

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A Litany
John Donne
III. THE HOLY GHOST. O Holy Ghost, whose temple I Am, but of mud walls , and condensèd dust, Rate it:

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