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Ch 01 Manner Of Kings Story 16
Sa di
my friends complained of the unpropitious times, telling me that he had a slender income, a large fRate it:

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Ch 06 On Weakness And Old Age Story 02
Sa di
not sleep during long nights but spent them in telling her jokes and witty stories, hoping to gain Rate it:

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Ch 06 On Weakness And Old Age Story 03
Sa di
he had all his life no other son but this boy, telling me that in the locality people resorted to aRate it:

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Ch 07 On The Effects Of Education Story 06
Sa di
and threatened the learned man with punishment, telling him that he had acted contrary to his promiRate it:

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Chaucer's Tale of Meliboeus
Geoffrey Chaucer
*meaning All be there in their telling difference; For some of them say more, anRate it:

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Clancy Of The Mounted Police
Robert William Service
of old-- Out of the night hailed a half-breed telling a pitiful tale, "White man starving aRate it:

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Coming Home
Augusta Davies Webster
I been rash, too thoughtless of her calm, not telling of it? No, I'll not wear it on me, as I meaRate it:

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Cradle Hymn
Isaac Watts
was hay. See the kindly shepherds round him, Telling wonders from the sky! When they sought Him, tRate it:

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Dan's Wife
Anonymous Americas
springs, Sewing buttons, tying strings, Telling Bridget what to do, Mending rips in Johnny's shoe, Rate it:

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Despairing Mary
Robert Tannahill
Oft have we wander'd in sweetest retirement, Telling our loves 'neath the moon's silent beam, SweRate it:

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Do They Know?
Andrew Barton Paterson
fail, And every last atom of weight Is telling its tale; As some grim old stayer hard-pressed RRate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Fifteenth
George Gordon Lord Byron
tell? Or rather, who can not Remember, without telling, passion's errors? The drainer of oblivion, Rate it:

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Drowned at Sea
Henry Kendall
ocean graves? Are ye not the sad memorials, telling of a mighty grief — Dark with records ground anRate it:

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Dum Capitolium Scandet
Ezra Pound
after me singing as well as I sing, none better; Telling the heart of their truth as I have taught Rate it:

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El Harith
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
their tongues made small things great things, telling lies of our lives, our kind kin, the Arákim? Rate it:

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Ellen Irwin
William Wordsworth
who willingly have heard The tale I have been telling, May in Kirkconnel churchyard view The graRate it:

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Emblems of Love
Lascelles Abercrombie
the lonely God’s Unutter’d joy. And then, past telling, came Shuddering and division in the ligRate it:

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Arthur Symons
voice of a mountain brook, And still I hear her telling us tales that night, Out of Boccaccio's bRate it:

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English Eclogues II - The Grandmother's Tale
Robert Southey
you. You know The other night when I was telling you About the light in the church-yard, how you trRate it:

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Englishman In Italy, The
Robert Browning
till he vanish In black from the skies, With telling my memories over As you tell your beads; ARate it:

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ER ZAGRIFIZZIO D'ABBRAMO III (Abraham's Sacrifice 3)
Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli
In conclusion, dear friends, I'm now tired of telling you the story in full. The ram died: IsaaRate it:

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John Le Gay Brereton
and pictures dwelling, Of long-neglected work is telling, But looks beyond the travelling night. ARate it:

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Ralph Hodgson
Eve in the bells and grass Kneeling, and he Telling the story low. . . . Singing birds saw themRate it:

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Ada Cambridge
when I walk'd my wilful way unheeding, Telling of light and life. That in the sad hour of my soul'Rate it:

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Flames Of Miraculous Love
Nikhil Parekh
of shimmering righteousness; indefatigably telling me to solely follow; nothing else but only the iRate it:

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