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Fragment Of 'The Castle Builder.'
John Keats
To-night I'll have my friar -- let me think About my room, -- I'll have it in the pink; It should be rich and sombre, and the moon, Just in its mi...Rate it:

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Frederik Hegel
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
I Dedication You never came here; but I go Here often and am met by you. Each room and road here must renew The thought of you and your form show ...Rate it:

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From House To House
Christina Georgina Rossetti
The first was like a dream through summer heat, The second like a tedious numbing swoon, While the half-frozen pulses lagged to beat Beneath a wint...Rate it:

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Futtypore Sicri - The Favourite Residence of the Emperor Ackbar
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
THE summer palace of the king, Whose lightest word was enough to bring Every gem and every flower, To light his hall—and to wreath his bower. Can y...Rate it:

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Give Your Wish Light
Robinson Jeffers
By day and night dream about happy death, Poor dog give your heart room, drag at the chain, Breathe deep at dawn, wish it were the last breath, Ima...Rate it:

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Hamlet Micure
Edgar Lee Masters
In a lingering fever many visions come to you: I was in the little house again With its great yard of clover Running down to the board-fence, Shado...Rate it:

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Hanchen, the Maid of the Mill
William Topaz McGonagall
Near the village of Udorf, on the banks of the Rhine, There lived a miller and his family, once on a time; And there yet stands the mill in a state...Rate it:

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William Schwenck Gilbert
Haunted? Ay, in a social way By a body of ghosts in dread array; But no conventional spectres they - Appalling, grim, and tricky: I quail at mine ...Rate it:

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Thomas Parnell
From the bleak Beach and broad expanse of sea, To lofty Salem, Thought direct thy way; Mount thy light chariot, move along the plains, And end thy ...Rate it:

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Rupert Brooke
I came back late and tired last night Into my little room, To the long chair and the firelight And comfortable gloom. But as I entered softly in...Rate it:

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How Grey The World Was
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
How grey the world was with its memories, How dark even this gay room where the motes run! How black these curtains, thick with murder cries, These...Rate it:

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Ida Chicken
Edgar Lee Masters
After I had attended lectures At our Chautauqua, and studied French For twenty years, committing the grammar Almost by heart, I thought I'd take a ...Rate it:

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Improvisations: Light and Snow
Conrad Potter Aiken
I The girl in the room beneath Before going to bed Strums on a mandolin The three simple tunes she knows. How inadequate they are to tell how ...Rate it:

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Improvisatore, The
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Scene--A spacious drawing-room, with music-room adjoining. Katharine. What are the words ? Eliza. Ask our friend, the Improvisatore ; here he com...Rate it:

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In Praise of Solid People
Clive Staples Lewis
Thank God that there are solid folk Who water flowers and roll the lawn, And sit an sew and talk and smoke, And snore all through the summer dawn. ...Rate it:

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In The Days When The World Was Wide
Henry Lawson
The world is narrow and ways are short, and our lives are dull and slow, For little is new where the crowds resort, and less where the wanderers ...Rate it:

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In The Night
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Where art thou, thou lost face, Which, yet a little while, wert making mirth At these new years which seemed too sad to be? Where art thou fled whi...Rate it:

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In the Temple
Arthur Symons
When Lilian comes I scarcely know If Winter wraps the world in snow, Or if 'tis Summer strikes a-glow The fountain in the court below, When Lilian ...Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ah yes, I love you, and with all my heart; Just as a weaker woman loves her own, Better than I love my beloved art, Which, until you came, rei...Rate it:

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Dorothy Parker
Her mind lives in a quiet room, A narrow room, and tall, With pretty lamps to quench the gloom And mottoes on the wall. There all the things are w...Rate it:

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Felicia Dorothea Hemans
The night-wind shook the tapestry round an ancient palace-room, And torches, as it rose and fell, waved thro' the gorgeous gloom, And o'er a shadow...Rate it:

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Kiss Away My Tears
Stranger Take me out of danger Be the rearranger Of my torn down life Stranger Burn incense in the room abolish my impending doom Release me from ...Rate it:

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Leaves Of Grass. A Carol Of Harvest For 1867
Walt Whitman
A SONG of the good green grass! A song no more of the city streets; A song of farms--a song of the soil of fields. A song with the sm...Rate it:

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Lines Written in August
Thomas Babbington Macaulay
The day of tumult, strife, defeat, was o'er; Worn out with toil, and noise, and scorn, and spleen, I slumbered, and in slumber saw once more A r...Rate it:

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Charlotte Brontë
ARRANGING long-locked drawers and shelves Of cabinets, shut up for years, What a strange task we've set ourselves ! How still the lonely roo...Rate it:

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