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The Burghers
Thomas Hardy
THE sun had wheeled from Grey's to Dammer's Crest, And still I mused on that Thing imminent: At length I sought the High-street to the We...Rate it:

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Geoffrey Chaucer
Part 10 PROLOGUE TO CHAUCER'S TALE OF SIR THOPAS Bihoold the murye wordes of the Hoost to Chaucer. Whan seyd was al this miracle, every man As s...Rate it:

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The Carcass
Charles Baudelaire
Remember that object we saw, dear soul, In the sweetness of a summer morn: At a bend of the path a loathsome carrion On a bed with pebbles strewn, ...Rate it:

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The Columbiad: Book I
Joel Barlow
The Argument Natives of America appear in vision. Their manners and characters. Columbus demands the cause of the dissimilarity of men in differen...Rate it:

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The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse
Sir Thomas Wyatt
My mother's maids, when they did sew and spin, They sang sometime a song of the field mouse, That for because her livelood was but thin Would nee...Rate it:

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The Dead Coach
Katharine Tynan
At night when sick folk wakeful lie, I heard the dead coach passing by, And heard it passing wild and fleet, And knew my time was come not yet. Cl...Rate it:

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The Drowned Alive
Charles Harpur
I was one so deeply drowned, That when the drag my body found, Twas void of motion, void of breath, And to sensation dead as death. In a langui...Rate it:

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The Eve Of Election
John Greenleaf Whittier
FROM gold to gray Our mild sweet day Of Indian Summer fades too soon; But tenderly Above the sea Hangs, white and calm, the hunter's moon. In its p...Rate it:

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The Fight With The Dragon
Friedrich Schiller
Why run the crowd? What means the throng That rushes fast the streets along? Can Rhodes a prey to flames, then, be? In crowds they gather hastily,...Rate it:

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The Grateful Snake
William Hayley
Ingratitude! of earth the shame! Thou monster, at whose hated name, The nerves of kindness ake; Would I could drive thee from mankind, By telling h...Rate it:

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The Gulf of All Human Possessions
Jonathan Swift
Come hither, and behold the fruits, Vain man! of all thy vain pursuits. Take wise advice, and look behind, Bring all past actions to thy mind. Here...Rate it:

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The Helot
Isabella Valancy Crawford
I. Low the sun beat on the land, Red on vine and plain and wood; With the wine-cup in his hand, Vast the Helot herdsman stood. II. Quench'd the ...Rate it:

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The House Of Dust: Part 03: 12: Witches' Sabbath
Conrad Potter Aiken
Now, when the moon slid under the cloud And the cold clear dark of starlight fell, He heard in his blood the well-known bell Tolling slowly in heav...Rate it:

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The Monk's Tale
Geoffrey Chaucer
WHEN ended was my tale of Melibee, And of Prudence and her benignity, Our Hoste said, 'As I am faithful man, And by the precious corpus Madrian,...Rate it:

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The Morn That Breaks Its Heart Of Gold
Madison Julius Cawein
From an ode 'In Commemoration of the Founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.' The morn that breaks its heart of gold Above the purple hills; The...Rate it:

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The Oak And The Broom
William Wordsworth
A Pastoral I HIS simple truths did Andrew glean Beside the babbling rills; A careful student he had been Among the woods and hills. One winter's...Rate it:

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The Phases Of The Moon
William Butler Yeats
An old man cocked his car upon a bridge; He and his friend, their faces to the South, Had trod the uneven road. Their hoots were soiled, Their Con...Rate it:

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The Prairie
Rudyard Kipling
I see the grass shake in the sun for leagues on either hand, I see a river loop and run about a treeless land -- An empty plain, a steely pond, a d...Rate it:

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The Rebel Scot
John Cleveland
How, Providence? and yet a Scottish crew? Then Madam Nature wears black patches too! What, shall our nation be in bondage thus Unto a land that tru...Rate it:

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The Rymor and I
Joseph Mark Ippolito
The Rymor and I 1. Thomas Rymor 2. I A contemporary insight based on a true story I am the drunk’n Rabbie Who drinks aw thru the day I am the ra...Rate it:

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The Seven Old Men
Charles Baudelaire
À Victor Hugo Ant-like city, city full of dreams, where the passer-by, at dawn, meets the spectre! Mysteries everywhere are the sap that streams t...Rate it:

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The Sheep In The Ruins
Archibald MacLeish
for Learned and Augustus Hand You, my friends, and you strangers, all of you, Stand with me a little by the walls Or where the walls once were. ...Rate it:

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The Soul's Quest
Frederick George Scott
PART I IN the land that is neither night nor day, Where the mists sleep over the forests grey, A sad, sad spirit wandered away. The woods are stil...Rate it:

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The Truckers
La Fontaine
THE change of food enjoyment is to man; In this, t'include the woman is my plan. I cannot guess why Rome will not allow Exchange in wedlock, and it...Rate it:

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The Village (book 2)
George Crabbe
Argument There are found amid the Evils of a Laborious Life, some Views of Tranquillity and Happiness. - The Repose and Pleasure of a Summer Sabba...Rate it:

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