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In Praise of the Hemp-Seed
John Taylor
historians, every one In paper made their worthy studies knowne. Who ever went beyond our learned Rate it:

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In The Public Library
Lesbia Harford
idly to relieve The forehead where her daylong studies burned, Tales of an uncrowned queen who feRate it:

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It Really Doesn't Matter
Nikhil Parekh
scampered at electric speeds at the mention of studies, It really doesn't really matter if we didRate it:

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last time
stephen mason
through years to find himself now looking up he studies the room around him taking in each detail Rate it:

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George Herbert
thee: He did not heav'n and earth create, Yet studies them, not him by whom they be. Teach me thRate it:

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Mrs. Namita Shah-You Mean The World To My Child.
Nikhil Parekh
you for making the whole process of monotonous studies—such an enchanting playground of richness foRate it:

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Count Giacomo Leopardi
here below endures. Nor less I saw the studies and the works Stupendous, wisdom, virtue, knowledge Rate it:

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Picture of a 23-year-old Youth Painted by His Friend of the Same Age, an Amature
Constantine P. Cavafy
He finished the painting yesterday noon. Now he studies it in detail. He has painted him in a gray unbuttoned coat, a deep gray; without any vest o...Rate it:

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Psalm 01
John Milton
Law is ever his delight, And in his law he studies day and night. He shall be as a tree which plantRate it:

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Richard Crashaw
Above his fears, and think it cannot be: He studies Scripture, strives to sound the heart And feelRate it:

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Satire IV
John Donne
Adam to name; Stranger than seven antiquaries' studies, Than Afric's monsters, Guiana's raritieRate it:

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Tale XVI
George Crabbe
sober mind that treasure view'd, And the slight studies of his youth renew'd: He not profoundly, buRate it:

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The Beauteous Terrorist
Sir Henry Parkes
land, in death and dole. Her girlhood's secret studies, late And early, in her princely home; Her Rate it:

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The Borough. Letter VIII: Trades
George Crabbe
life in the desponding hour; Some favourite studies, some delightful care, The mind with trouble anRate it:

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The Bridal of Pennacook
John Greenleaf Whittier
godsends; and his brother, Pale from long pulpit studies, yet retaining The warmth and freshness ofRate it:

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The Brother's Reply
Charles Lamb
prize; Though from them awhile I stray, By new studies called away, Them when next I take in hand, Rate it:

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The Bucking-Tub
La Fontaine
he feels the dart, Grows wondrous shrewd, and studies wily art. This passion never, we perceive, reRate it:

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The Dilettante: A Modern Type
Paul Laurence Dunbar
love is strong, But not, oh, not for money! He studies almost everything From social art to scienceRate it:

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The Duty Of A Brother
Charles Lamb
who but her brother Should point her books, her studies guide? If Nature, who allots our cup, ThanRate it:

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The Golden Legend: VI. The School Of Salerno
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Palestine. _Second Scholar_. And what are the studies you pursue? What is the course you here go tRate it:

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The King Of Brentford’s Testament
William Makepeace Thackeray
borrows from a friend. 'While Tom his legal studies Most soberly pursues, Poor Ned most pass his mRate it:

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The Martinet
William Schwenck Gilbert
him, If he but heeds their smallest needs, And studies every whim. Now mark how, by Draconic rule Rate it:

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The Pimpernel
Celia Thaxter
gather flower and shell, She sits, and, smiling, studies each She hears the full tide rise and swelRate it:

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The Pleasures of Imagination: Book The Fourth
Mark Akenside
vulgar wisdom, move me to disclaim Those studies which possess'd me in the dawn Of life, and fix'd Rate it:

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The Princess (part 7)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
hatred of her weakness, blent with shame. Old studies failed; seldom she spoke: but oft Clomb toRate it:

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