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God Sitting On Your Shoulder
Nikhil Parekh
Do all of you want to know as to why you were the greatest? Well it was simply because of God sitting down on your shoulders. Do all of you want ...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I wus pickin' gipsy vi'lits fer to try an' square Doreen. We 'ad words . . . about pianners - fer she wants one awful keen 'Igh words, about 'igh...Rate it:

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Mr. Moon: A Song of the Little People
Bliss William Carman
O MOON, Mr. Moon, When you comin' down? Down on the hilltop, Down in the glen, Out in the clearin', To play with little men? Moon, Mr. Moon, When y...Rate it:

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Mc'Clusky's Nell
Robert William Service
In Mike Maloney's Nugget bar the hooch was flowin' free, An' One-eyed Mike was shakin' dice wi' Montreal Maree, An roarin' rageful warning when the...Rate it:

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Three Songs To The Same Tune
William Butler Yeats
I GRANDFATHER sang it under the gallows: ' Hear, gentlemen, ladies, and all mankind: Money is good and a girl might be better. But good strong blow...Rate it:

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German Joe
Edward George Dyson
SKIRTING the swamp and the tangled scrub, Tramping and turning amidst the trees, Carrying nothing but blankets and grub, Careless of pleasure and h...Rate it:

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Old Bob Blair
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I got so down to it last night, With longin' for what could not be, That nothin' in the world seemed right Or everything was wrong with me. My ho...Rate it:

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The Cavalier's March to London
Thomas Babbington Macaulay
To horse! to horse! brave Cavaliers! To horse for Church and Crown! Strike, strike your tents! snatch up your spears! And ho for London town! T...Rate it:

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The Forest Road
Charlotte Mary Mew
The forest road, The infinite straight road stretching away World without end: the breathless road between the walls Of the black listening tree...Rate it:

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The Lumbermen
John Greenleaf Whittier
WILDLY round our woodland quarters Sad-voiced Autumn grieves; Thickly down these swelling waters Float his fallen leaves. Through the tall and nake...Rate it:

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The Prospector
Robert William Service
I strolled up old Bonanza, where I staked in ninety-eight, A-purpose to revisit the old claim. I kept thinking mighty sadly of the funny ways of Fa...Rate it:

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The Admiral's Ghost
Alfred Noyes
I tell you a tale to-night Which a seaman told to me, With eyes that gleamed in the lanthorn light And a voice as low as the sea. You could almo...Rate it:

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And the Greatest of These Is War
James Weldon Johnson
Around the council-board of Hell, with Satan at their head, The Three Great Scourges of humanity sat. Gaunt Famine, with hollow cheek and voice, ar...Rate it:

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Joyce Kilmer
(For the Rev. James J. Daly, S. J.) Bright stars, yellow stars, flashing through the air, Are you errant strands of Lady Mary's hair? As she slit...Rate it:

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The Pier-Glass
Robert Graves
Lost manor where I walk continually A ghost, while yet in woman's flesh and blood; Up your broad stairs mounting with outspread fingers And gliding...Rate it:

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The Rape of the Lock: Canto 5
Alexander Pope
She said: the pitying audience melt in tears, But Fate and Jove had stopp'd the Baron's ears. In vain Thalestris with reproach assails, ...Rate it:

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From an Outpost
Leslie Coulson
I've tramped South England up and down Down Dorset way, down Devon way, Through every little ancient town Down Dorset way, down Devon way. I mi...Rate it:

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The Booker Washington Trilogy
Vachel Lindsay
I. A NEGRO SERMON:—SIMON LEGREE (To be read in your own variety of negro dialect.) Legree's big house was white and green. His cotton-fields were...Rate it:

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O World Of Many Worlds
Wilfred Owen
O World of many worlds, O life of lives, What centre hast thou? Where am I? O whither is it thy fierce onrush drives? Fight I, or drift; or stand; ...Rate it:

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An Epistle Of The Right Honourable Sir Robert Walpole
Richard Savage
Still let low wits, who sense nor honour prize, Sneer at all gratitude, all truth disguise; At living worth, because alive, exclaim, Insult the exi...Rate it:

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Baseball and Writing
Marianne Moore
Fanaticism?No.Writing is exciting and baseball is like writing. You can never tell with either how it will go or what you will do; generating exc...Rate it:

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By a Norfolk Broad
Ada Cambridge
One hour ago the crimson sun, that seemed so long a-drowning, sank. The summer day is all but done. Our boat is moored beneath the bank. I bask in ...Rate it:

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Death, that struck when I was most confiding
Emily Jane Brontë
Death! that struck when I was most confiding In my certain faith of joy to be - Strike again, Time's withered branch dividing From the fresh root o...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'I wish't yeh menat it, Bill.' Oh, 'ow me 'eart Went out to 'er that evnin' on the beach. I knew she weren't no ordinary tart, My little peach! T...Rate it:

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Jonah’s Luck
Edward George Dyson
OUT OF LUCK, mate? Have a liquor. Hang it, where’s the use complaining? Take your fancy, I’m in funds now—I can stand the racket, Dan. Dump your bl...Rate it:

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