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Saša Milivojev - WINE AND FIRE
Saša Milivojev
Imagine You and I Destiny A night awakening A spring that brings calmness Body against body Eye to eye Wine and fire Heaven opens Sand and sweat Wa...Rate it:

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A Song. If Wine And Music Have The Power
Matthew Prior
If wine and music have the power To ease the sickness of the soul, Let Phoebis every string explore, And Bacchus fill the sprightly bowl: Let the...Rate it:

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After Consuming A Barrel Of Wine
Nikhil Parekh
He babbled incoherently at innocuous pedestrians traversing through the streets, Clenched his fist high in the air; barking a malicious volley of ...Rate it:

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But in the Wine-presses the Human Grapes Sing not nor Dance
William Blake
But in the Wine-presses the human grapes sing not nor dance: They howl and writhe in shoals of torment, in fierce flames consuming, In cha...Rate it:

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Come, Send Round the Wine
Thomas Moore
Come, send round the wine, and leave points of belief To simpleton sages and reasoning fools; This moment's a flower too fair and brief To be wi...Rate it:

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Craftsmen of Wine Bowls
Constantine P. Cavafy
On this wine bowl—pure silver, made for the house of Herakleidis, where good taste is the rule— notice these graceful flowers, the streams, the thy...Rate it:

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Cups Without Wine
Yehudah HaLevi
Cups without wine are low things Like a pot thrown to the ground, But brimming with the juice, they shine Like body and soul. Translated by Rober...Rate it:

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Drinking Song, On the Excellence of Burgundy Wine
Hilaire Belloc
My jolly fat host with your face all a-grin, Come, open the door to us, let us come in. A score of stout fellows who think it n...Rate it:

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Fill A Glass With Golden Wine
William Ernest Henley
Fill a glass with golden wine, And the while your lips are wet Set your perfume unto mine, And forget. Every kiss we take and give Leaves us less o...Rate it:

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For “The Wine Of Circle” By Edward Burne Jones
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
DUSK-HAIRED and gold-robed o'er the golden wine She stoops, wherein, distilled of death and shame, Sink the black drops; while, lit with fragrant f...Rate it:

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Give Me Women, Wine, and Snuff
John Keats
GIVE me women, wine, and snuff Untill I cry out "hold, enough!" You may do so sans objection Till the day of resurrection: For, bless my beard,...Rate it:

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I Am Athirst, But Not For Wine
Mathilde Blind
I am athirst, but not for wine; The drink I long for is divine, Poured only from your eyes in mine. I hunger, but the bread I want, Of which m...Rate it:

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I bring an unaccustomed wine
Emily Dickinson
I bring an unaccustomed wine To lips long parching Next to mine, And summon them to drink; Crackling with fever, they Essay, I turn my brimming ey...Rate it:

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In The Harbour: The Wine Of Jurançon. (From The French Of Charles Coran)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Little sweet wine of Jurançon, You are dear to my memory still! With mine host and his merry song, Under the rose-tree I drank my fill. Twenty...Rate it:

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In The Wine
Kurt Philip Behm
Starving within the memory of a feast uneaten My bread forever disappearing —in the wine (Villanova Pennsylvania: September, 2016)Rate it:

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Ink Into Wine
Kurt Philip Behm
Strength in the format, couplets have power Magic in tandem, —mine becomes ours Marriage so faithful, words intertwine Together transfo...Rate it:

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Intoxicated by the Wine of Love
Farid ud-Din Attar Abu Hamid bin Abu Bakr Ibrahim
Intoxicated by the Wine of Love. From each a mystic silence Love demands. What do all seek so earnestly? 'Tis Love. What do they whisper to each ot...Rate it:

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Lover’s Wine
Charles Baudelaire
Today Space is fine! Like a horse mount this wine, without bridle, spurs, bit, for a heaven divine! We, two angels they torture with merciless feve...Rate it:

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Milton: But in the Wine-presses the Human Grapes Sing not nor Dance
William Blake
But in the Wine-presses the human grapes sing not nor dance: They howl and writhe in shoals of torment, in fierce flames consuming, In c...Rate it:

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The Wine-Cup is Circling
Thomas Moore
The wine-cup is circling in Almhin's hall, And its Chief, 'mid his heroes reclining, Looks up, with a sigh to the trophied wall, Where his sword ...Rate it:

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To Dr. Mead, On His Cape Wine.
Mary Barber
Your Wine, by Southern Suns refin'd, Is a just Emblem of your Mind: Like You, the gen'rous Juice displays Its Influence a thousand Ways; Like You, ...Rate it:

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Tz'u No. 2 (Wine Joy)
Li Ching Chao
To the tune "As in a Dream" I have long remembered the pavilion on the stream the falling sun so deep in wine we did not know the way home how ple...Rate it:

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Wine And Joy
Fyodor Sologub
Wine and joy are completely forgotten, As well as his armor and sword. Alone he descends in the rotten Mysterious dungeon. The door Is squeakin...Rate it:

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In Wine Country
Georg Trakl
The sun paints courtyard and walls with autumn, The fruit stacked in heaps all around, Before them poor children cower. A gust thins out old lin...Rate it:

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Stella’s Birth-Day: A Great Bottle Of Wine, Long Buried, Being That Day Dug Up. 1722-3
Jonathan Swift
Resolv'd my annual verse to pay, By duty bound, on Stella's day, Furnish'd with paper, pens, and ink, I gravely sat me down to think: I bit my nail...Rate it:

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