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Hope Triumphant in Death
Thomas Campbell
Unfading Hope! when life's last embers burn - When soul to soul, and dust to dust return, Heaven to thy charge resigns the awful hour! Oh! then th...Rate it:

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Hounds going home in the Dark
William Henry Ogilvie
Rustle of feet in the roadside grass, Trample of horses' hoofs, and - Hark! Blast of an anxious horn! Hounds pass; Hounds going home in the dark...Rate it:

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How to Accompany The Moon Without Walking
Conrad Potter Aiken
Harsh, harsh, the maram grass on the salt dune, seen by the cricket’s eye against the harbor moon, anchor-frost and seaward, the lighthouse moon—...Rate it:

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Human God
Nikhil Parekh
He who recognizes the fertility of land; by mere caress of the strewn soil, Smelling the scent emanating as he tramples the mud; is indeed a true ...Rate it:

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Hymn to Adversity
Thomas Gray
Daughter of Jove, relentless Power, Thou tamer of the human breast, Whose iron scourge and tort'ring hour The Bad affright, afflict the Best! Bound...Rate it:

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I Didn’t Win Light In A Windfall
Hayyim Nahman Bialik
I didn’t win light in a windfall, nor by deed of a father’s will. I hewed my light from granite. I quarried my heart. In the mine of my heart a sp...Rate it:

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I Know My Soul
Claude McKay
I plucked my soul out of its secret place, And held it to the mirror of my eye, To see it like a star against the sky, A twitching body quiverin...Rate it:

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I'm A Work In Process
Mario William Vitale
through humiliation in every vested situation I'm learning to think things through in life i have been battered, broken & torn some have s...Rate it:

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If My Verses Had The Wings
Victor Marie Hugo
Songs as sweet as summer brings, To your flowery lawn should fly If my verses had the wings— Wings of birds that haunt the sky. Like the spark th...Rate it:

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If There Was Anything That Could Bite A Man
Nikhil Parekh
Not the deadliest sting of the venomously dancing scorpion; perpetually waiting to crawl on naked skin and pierce its hindside deep down into strea...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
What crass, abysmal ignorance! Forlorn! Despite his looks, the man must be half-witted! They gasped for air; they gazed on him in scorn, And tried...Rate it:

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In a Boat
David Herbert Lawrence
See the stars, love, In the water much clearer and brighter Than those above us, and whiter, Like nenuphars. Star-shadows shine, love, How ma...Rate it:

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In A Tram
John Le Gay Brereton
One of the twain was long and dusty grey, And like a spark that in the ashes lies, Satiric laughter glinted in his eyes And made his nose auroral w...Rate it:

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In Prison
Clive Staples Lewis
I cried out for the pain of man, I cried out for my bitter wrath Against the hopeless life that ran For ever in a circling path From death to death...Rate it:

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In Prison
William Morris
Wearily, drearily, Half the day long, Flap the great banners High over the stone; Strangely and eerily Sounds the wind's song, Bending the banner-p...Rate it:

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In The Willow Shade
Christina Georgina Rossetti
I sat beneath a willow tree, Where water falls and calls; While fancies upon fancies solaced me, Some true, and some were false. Who set their hea...Rate it:

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In Westminster Abbey
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
"The Southern Transept, hardly known by any other name but Poets' Corner" DEAN STANLEY Tread softly here; the sacredest of tombs Are those that h...Rate it:

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Elinor Morton Wylie
A white well In a black cave; A bright shell In a dark wave. A white rose Black brambles hood; Smooth bright snows In a dark wood. A flung ...Rate it:

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Charles Churchill
Happy the bard (though few such bards we find) Who, 'bove controlment, dares to speak his mind; Dares, unabash'd, in every place appear, And nothin...Rate it:

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Initial Love
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Venus, when her son was lost, Cried him up and down the coast, In hamlets, palaces, and parks, And told the truant by his marks, Golden curls, and ...Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Immortal life is something to be earned, By slow, self-conquest, comradeship with pain, And patient seeking after higher truths. We cannot follow o...Rate it:

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Interlude: The Window And The Hearth
Christopher John Brennan
Twice now that lucid fiction of the pane dissolves, the sphere that winter's crystal bane still-charm'd to glass the sad metempsychose and futil...Rate it:

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Jaloppy Joy
Robert William Service
Past ash cans and alley cats, Fetid. overflowing gutters, Leprous lines of rancid flats Where the frowsy linen flutters; With a rattle and a jar, h...Rate it:

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James Shirley: XIV
Algernon Charles Swinburne
THE DUSK of day’s decline was hard on dark When evening trembled round thy glowworm lamp That shone across her shades and dewy damp A small clear b...Rate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 01 - part 02
Torquato Tasso
XI Thus when the Lord discovered had, and seen The hidden secrets of each worthy's breast, Out of the hierarchies of angels sheen The gentle Gabrie...Rate it:

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