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Love's Light
Mario William Vitale
in time we have created a rhyme finding solace amidst the quest of nature now is the expectant hRate it:

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Love, Hope, Desire, And Fear
Percy Bysshe Shelley
from the very wound of tender thought Drew solace, and the pity of sweet eyes Gave strength to bearRate it:

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Lydia Dick
Eugene Field
professors, dry and prim, Find such solace in the giddy Pranks that Horace played with Liddy Or thaRate it:

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Henry Van Dyke
comfort thee for all the toil and pain? What solace, now thy sacrifice is vain And thou art left fRate it:

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Robert Herrick
resides not in the smiling skin; The sweetest solace is to act no sin. Rate it:

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Monody On Henry Headley
William Lisle Bowles
from whom she soon must part, Breathed a sad solace on his aching heart. Nor ceased he yet to strayRate it:

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Monody to the Memory of Chatterton
Mary Darby Robinson
shades, from busy scenes remov'd; No sound to solace,­but the verse he lov'd: No soothing numbersRate it:

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Natalia’s Resurrection: Sonnet XXIV
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Now thy lips thou shalt engage In the full solace thy long love has planned. Her face is near thee.Rate it:

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Muriel Stuart
TAKE as you will, slake, solace, and possess While Youth, with laughter, scatters tears that fall Sudden and shaken sometimes at your call; Pled...Rate it:

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Nughtingale And Cuckoo
Alfred Austin
after echoing happiness was dead, And so found solace. Now, alas! the sting! Cuckoo and nightingaleRate it:

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Nuns Fret Not at Their Convent's Narrow Room
William Wordsworth
weight of too much liberty, Should find brief solace there, as I have found. Rate it:

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Charles Lamb
not move, Fast asleep is little Will. My only solace, only joy, Since the sad day I lost my motherRate it:

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O Intelligence Moving The Third Heaven
Dante Alighieri
me! How fast away went he, in whom I had some solace found!” And of my eyes it says, with mournful Rate it:

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O! How He Wished And Wished And Wished.
Nikhil Parekh
to the feet of the deceased; beseeching solace for every hedonistically committed of their misdeed,Rate it:

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October, 1863
Janet Hamilton
of my heart. O then how sweet the soft solace, To gaze upon thy saintly face, So dreamy, tender, meRate it:

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Ode to Della Crusca
Mary Darby Robinson
under myrtle shades, With SYMPATHY divine, Solace the child of woe? Where'er thou art, Oh! let thy Rate it:

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Ode to the Nightingale
Mary Darby Robinson
Steal from my breast the thorn of pain; Blest solace of my lonely hours, In craggy caves and silRate it:

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Ode--'On A Distant Prospect' Of Making A Fortune
Charles Stuart Calverley
'cattle home.' Araminta, sweetest, fairest! Solace once of every ill! How I wonder if thou bearestRate it:

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Of the True Endeavour
Edward George Dyson
was the Lord’s Those so blessed have with them solace, balm to still the ache of sorrow, One compaRate it:

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On A Connubial Rupture In High Life
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
home! O then retire and weep! Their very woes Solace the guiltless. Drop the pearly flood On thy sRate it:

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On a Fine Morning
Thomas Hardy
Whence comes Solace?--Not from seeing What is doing, suffering, being, Not from noting Life's conditions, Nor from heeding Time's monitions; ...Rate it:

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On The Two Bridal-Biers
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
How sweet a solace is the bridal-bed— Dawn as prepared, evening as hallowèd Rate it:

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Orlando Furioso canto 13
Ludovico Ariosto
save a way to have me with him, nought For solace of his restless passion sought. X 'For differentRate it:

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Edith Wharton
dreaming nightly of her pallid doom, No solace had he of his own young bloom, But yearned to pour hRate it:

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Outre Mer
Henry Kendall
wish to seek, The refuge of the weary, The solace of the weak! Sweet angel fingers beckon, Rate it:

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