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Noey Bixler
James Whitcomb Riley
Another hero of those youthful years Returns, as Noey Bixler's name appears. And Noey--if in any special way-- Was notably good-natured.--Work or p...Rate it:

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Of the Jews (50 A.D.)
Constantine P. Cavafy
Painter and poet, runner and discus-thrower, beautiful as Endymion: Ianthis, son of Antony. From a family on friendly terms with the Synagogue. "...Rate it:

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William Ernest Henley
'Talk of pluck!' pursued the Sailor, Set at euchre on his elbow, 'I was on the wharf at Charleston, Just ashore from off the runner. 'It was grey ...Rate it:

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The Concert
Edna St. Vincent Millay
No, I will go alone. I will come back when it's over. Yes, of course I love you. No, it will not be long. Why may you not come with me?— You are to...Rate it:

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The Demon Of The Study
John Greenleaf Whittier
The Brownie sits in the Scotchman's room, And eats his meat and drinks his ale, And beats the maid with her unused broom, And the lazy lout with hi...Rate it:

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The Forsaken
Amy Lowell
Holy Mother of God, Merciful Mary. Hear me! I am very weary. I have come from a village miles away, all day I have been coming, and I ache for such...Rate it:

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The League of Nations
Henry Lawson
Light on the towns and cities, and peace for evermore! The Big Five met in the world's light as many had met before, And the future of man is set...Rate it:

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The Overland Mail
Rudyard Kipling
(Foot-Service to the Hills) In the name of the Empress of India, make way, O Lords of the Jungle, wherever you roam. The woods are astir at the cl...Rate it:

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The Seven Ages of Wise
Andrew Barton Paterson
Parliament's a stage, And all the Politicians merely players! They have their exits and entrances, And Wise doth in his time play many parts, H...Rate it:

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The Wood-Pile
Robert Frost
Out walking in the frozen swamp one gray day, I paused and said, "I will turn back from here. No, I will go on farther -- and we shall see." The ha...Rate it:

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To Sculptor Borch
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
(On his fiftieth birthday) With friends you stalwart stand and fair, To-day of fifty years the heir; The past your works rejoicing praise, But forw...Rate it:

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Tortoise Gallantry
David Herbert Lawrence
Making his advances He does not look at her, nor sniff at her, No, not even sniff at her, his nose is blank. Only he senses the vulnerable folds of...Rate it:

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Variations of Greek Themes
Edwin Arlington Robinson
I A HAPPY MAN (Carphyllides) When these graven lines you see, Traveler, do not pity me; Though I be among the dead, Let no mournful word be sai...Rate it:

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White And Green
Amy Lowell
Hey! My daffodil-crowned, Slim and without sandals! As the sudden spurt of flame upon darkness So my eyeballs are startled with you, Supple-limbed ...Rate it:

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Poetic Review of THE CULT OF INFORMATION of Theodore Roszak
Mohammad Badri
By: Mohammad Badri Fasten your seatbelts friends . . . it’s about time . . .! World is cruising beyond the light . . . . . The conqueror is inform...Rate it:

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Through My Window
Vincenzo D. Bertucci
Through my window there are many worlds Some created some visible only to my eyes The flying machines the crashing beams Waterfalls clouds that res...Rate it:

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A Spring Carol
Alfred Austin
I Blithe friend! blithe throstle! Is it thou, Whom I at last again hear sing, Perched on thy old accustomed bough, Poet-prophet of the Spring? Yes!...Rate it:

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Always Listening To The Tunes Of My Heart
Nikhil Parekh
It suddenly told me to lick the road with my tongue; when I was blissfully driving enchanted by the melody in the air and the surroundings, It or...Rate it:

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Another Economic Riddle
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I venerate economists As very learned blokes, But when in paradox they speak Their meaning oft I vainly seek, Suspecting subtle jokes. They say the...Rate it:

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Robert Nichols
1. Noon It is midday; the deep trench glares…. A buzz and blaze of flies…. The hot wind puffs the giddy airs…. The great sun rakes the skies. No...Rate it:

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Carl Sandburg
I have been watching the war map slammed up for advertising in front of the newspaper office. Buttons—red and yellow buttons—blue and black button...Rate it:

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Drink the Nectar
Drink the nectar of the Divine Name, O human! Drink the nectar of the Divine Name! Leave the bad company, always sit among righteous company. Hear...Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
To the legion of the lost ones, to the cohort of the damned, To my brethren in their sorrow overseas, Sings a gentleman of England cleanly bred, m...Rate it:

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I Would Make It Feel Beautiful
Nikhil Parekh
If I had a dead flower in my hand; I would plant it in the soil; for it to spread its lingering redolence; and at the same time proliferating sever...Rate it:

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In a Breath
Carl Sandburg
To the Williamson Brothers High noon. White sun flashes on the Michigan Avenue asphalt. Drum of hoofs and whirr of motors. Women trapsing along ...Rate it:

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