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I Gather Motley Flowers
Mikhail Alekseevich Kuzmin
spears fall At your victorious feet. The sisters turn spindles And spin, spin yarn. Wild hops creeRate it:

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I Was A Stranger, And Ye Took Me In
John Greenleaf Whittier
watched beside his bed, for whom His far-off sisters might not care. She fanned his feverish brow Rate it:

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In Praise of the Hemp-Seed
John Taylor
Apolloes Radient shine, Supporter of the Sacred sisters Nine, The Atlas, that all histories doth beRate it:

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In The Garret
Louisa May Alcott
and woe To love and labor in their prime. Four sisters, parted for an hour, None lost, one only gonRate it:

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In The Valley
Henry Kendall
of the quince Made answer, “three seasons ago My sisters were star-like, but since, Their graves haRate it:

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Charles Churchill
to seize that sacred hill Where the Nine Sisters pour a genuine strain, And sunk the mountain levelRate it:

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Inscription for a Medicinal Fountain at the Leasowes
William Shenstone
Phoebus haunt this hallow'd well, And all his Sisters learn of thee. Rate it:

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Inscription on a Grotto, the Work of Nine Ladies.
Alexander Pope
at once and praise, This radiant pile nine rural sisters raise; The glittering emblem of each spotlRate it:

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Invitation To Eternity
John Clare
parents live and are forgot, And sisters live and know us not? Say, maiden, wilt thou go with me IRate it:

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Italian In England, The
Robert Browning
at the very rear would troop Their wives and sisters in a group To help, I knew. When these had pasRate it:

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Johnnie Armstrang
Andrew Lang
gift I'll gi'e to thee: Bauld four-and-twenty sisters' sons Shall for thee fecht, tho' all shou'd fRate it:

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Julia, or the Convent of St. Claire
Amelia Opie
ground, Reechoed once to pious strains By holy sisters breathed around. There many a noble virgin Rate it:

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Lacock Nunnery
William Lisle Bowles
and pensive mien, In weeds, as mourning for her sisters gone, The mistress of this lone monastic scRate it:

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Lady Maggie
Christina Georgina Rossetti
of an eye. His mother said 'fie,' and his sisters cried 'shame,' His highborn ladies cried 'shame'Rate it:

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Le manteau impérial (The Imperial Mantle)
Victor Marie Hugo
amorous blue The lily glowing like a star, Fond sisters of May's flowrest bright, Bees, blithesome Rate it:

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Le Masque (The Mask)
Charles Baudelaire
the undulation of this brawny body Those divine sisters, Gracefulness and Strength, abound. This Rate it:

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Lines on A Fly-Leaf
John Greenleaf Whittier
her life-long losses gain, And made her own her sisters' pain; Or her who, in her greenwood shade, Rate it:

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Little Henry
Julia A Moore
the morn till close of day. Parents, brothers, sisters weeping, For their cup of sorrow's full, AnRate it:

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Little World
Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva
voice of the tale of King Saltan, Mermaid-sisters of seas from tales. Children - is restRate it:

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Lois House
Julia A Moore
their tears; They called for her brother and sisters again, To kiss their sister while life still rRate it:

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Lost on the Lady Elgin
Henry Clay Work
who slept at evening, But orphans woke at dawn. Sisters for brothers weeping, Husbands for missing Rate it:

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John Milton
of some melodious tear. Begin, then, Sisters of the sacred well That from beneath the seatRate it:

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Lydia Humphrey
Edgar Lee Masters
alone in the world, Finding brothers and sisters in the congregation, And children in the church. IRate it:

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Magic Formula
Harry Crosby
What heavens opened and blazed, What sisters virtuous, What arrows sprang to mark, The trees so terrible and dark, What years, what hopes, What lio...Rate it:

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Christina Georgina Rossetti
You and I are used to go.' So these two fair sisters Went with innocent will Up the hill and dRate it:

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