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Rainer Maria Rilke
of longing fears. As they had been the sisters of the child The stars trembled, and fragrance seaRate it:

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Acrostic : Georgiana Augusta Keats
John Keats
incense in their laurel shade To all the regent sisters of the Nine As this poor offering to you, sRate it:

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Amelia Jane
David McKee Wright
loves, she says, to make the lives of her poorer sisters bright. Amelia Jane has a hardened heart:Rate it:

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Christina Georgina Rossetti
You and I are used to go.' So these two fair sisters Went with innocent will Up the hill and downRate it:

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William Cullen Bryant
brighten, and thy form shall tower; And when thy sisters, elder born, Would brand thy name with woRate it:

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An Address to Poetry
Helen Maria Williams
my trembling soul? VIII. Plunge me, foul sisters! in the gloom Ye wrap around yon blasted heath:Rate it:

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An Epistle Addressed To Sir Thomas Hanmer, On His Edition Of Shakspeare's Works
William Taylor Collins
remov'd, with wit secure to please, The comic Sisters kept their native ease; With jealous fear, Rate it:

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An EPISTLE from Alexander to Hephaestion In His Sickness
Anne Kingsmill Finch
of her unguarded Face; When the beauteous Sisters lowly knelt, And su'd to those, who more than PRate it:

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An Invite, to Eternity
John Clare
parents live and are forgot, And sisters live and know us not! Say, maiden; wilt thou go with me IRate it:

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Ancient Greek Song Of Exile
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
and the choral strains? Where the sweet sisters of my youth, entwining The Spring's first roses forRate it:

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Anna Imroth
Carl Sandburg
home. Her mother will cry some and so will her sisters and brothers. But all of the others got dRate it:

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Astrophel and Stella: III
Sir Philip Sidney
AND STELLA: III Let dainty wits cry on the sisters nine, That, bravely mask'd, their fanciRate it:

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At a Solemn Music
John Milton
pledges of Heav'n's joy, Sphere-born harmonious Sisters, Voice and Verse, Wed your divine sounds,Rate it:

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At Last
James Whitcomb Riley
since--I see I must AGAIN-- Go take your little sisters off to bed! There, Effie, Rose, and CLARA MRate it:

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At Magnolia Cemetery
Henry Timrod
keep in trust your storied tombs, Behold! your sisters bring their tears, And these memorial bloomRate it:

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At The Gate Of The Convent
Alfred Austin
his voice I seemed to hear The hymns that novice-sisters sing, When only anguished Christ is near, Rate it:

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At Washington
John Greenleaf Whittier
seemed an echo of the last! O my brothers! O my sisters! Would to God that ye were near, Gazing witRate it:

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Auri Sacra Fames
George Essex Evans
than life—what is honour to Gold? O daughters, sisters, and wives! beauty was meant to sell! Let usRate it:

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Australian Federata
James Lister Cuthbertson
Then is the great Dominion born, The seven sisters bound, From Sydney’s greenly wooded port Rate it:

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Autumn: A Dirge
Percy Bysshe Shelley
black and gray; Let your light sisters play-- Ye, follow the bier Rate it:

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Lola Ridge
because Only Ones have to live alone while sisters stay together, Lizzie and Clara give you the dryRate it:

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Bid McCrae
Alice Guerin Crist
in scorn at passing of her feet. The gentle sisters often strove, with fond solicitude, To bring tRate it:

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Bird Nesting
Ellis Parker Butler
sudden sympathy too fine for words That we were sisters to the brooding birds And part, with them, Rate it:

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Booth's Drum [1]
Henry Lawson
took us out of Hell. And they helped our fallen sisters who went down for such as we, And our widowRate it:

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Bound For California
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
dissent, his mother, tearful, prayed, Vainly his sisters, with fond words, his purpose would have sRate it:

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