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An Aspiration.
Robert Crawford
like bodies flame and flit Through the spirit's singing; Dream-birds half-articulate, Which no charRate it:

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I Feel That I am Free
Owen Suffolk
gilds the trees, And I hear a voice of music Singing to me in the breeze. There is in my heart aRate it:

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Carl Sandburg
seen them Live long and laugh loud, Sent on singing, singing, Smashed to the heart Under the riRate it:

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Paradise: In A Dream
Christina Georgina Rossetti
heard the songs of Paradise: Each bird sat singing in his place; A tender song so full of grace ItRate it:

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The Solitary Reaper
William Wordsworth
Yon solitary Highland Lass! Reaping and singing by herself; Stop here, or gently passRate it:

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Friend of Yakshsa
derive me. But you got to have free ... -Stop singing! Well, it's no wonder, you don't have anRate it:

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Maud Muller
John Greenleaf Whittier
wealth Of simple beauty and rustic health. Singing, she wrought, and her merry gleee The mock-bRate it:

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Introduction To The Song Of Hiawatha
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
them stood the forest, Stood the groves of singing pine-trees, Green in Summer, white in Winter, EvRate it:

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A Parental Ode to My Son, Aged 3 Years and 5 months
Thomas Hood
antic toys so funnily bestuck, Light as the singing bird that wings the air; (The door! the door! hRate it:

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Hiawatha's Sailing
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
By the rushing Taquamenaw, When the birds were singing gayly, In the Moon of Leaves were singingRate it:

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Joseph Mary Plunkett
wave rose on the sea, It sang the mournful singing Of a sad centenary; It sang the song of an oldRate it:

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A Child Asleep
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
away. 'Tis the child-heart draws them, singing In the silent-seeming clay--- SiRate it:

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A Child's Battles
Algernon Charles Swinburne
my king. Yet O, how hardly may The wheels of singing stay That whirl along Bright paths whence echRate it:

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A Christmas Carol
Charles Kingsley
yet o'er their work the stars and snows are singing. Blind! I live, I love, I reign; and all the naRate it:

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A Dialogue At Fiesole
Alfred Austin
night. HE. And they will hush to hear A sudden singing sweeter than their own. Delay not the enchaRate it:

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A Dream Of Long Ago
James Whitcomb Riley
with dreams of long ago. Ripples of the river singing; And the water-lilies swinging Bells of PariRate it:

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A Farm House by the River
Paul Laurence Dunbar
needed. Her spirit from its thralldom torn Went singing o'er the river, And that sweet life my hearRate it:

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A Grammarian's Funeral Shortly after the Revival of Learnin
Robert Browning
Let us begin and carry up this corpse, Singing together. Leave we the common crofts, the vulgar thorpes Each in its tether Slee...Rate it:

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A Green Cornfield
Christina Georgina Rossetti
one sunny morn A skylark hang betweent he two, A singing speck above the corn; A stage below, in gRate it:

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A Hymn Of The Many
Ambrose Bierce
heard their lamentations long; I hear their singing, clear and strong, I see their banners in the WRate it:

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A Joyful Song Of Five
Katherine Mansfield
very high And all sing very loud And keep on singing in the street Until there's quite a crowd; AnRate it:

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A Memory
John Greenleaf Whittier
winds the lake were rude on, And thou wert singing, _Ca' the Yowes_, The bonny yowes of Cluden! WhRate it:

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A Morning Walk
Myra Morris
stretches, A lovely way of song, With thrushes singing loud and gay And blackbirds clear and strongRate it:

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A Parable From Liebig
Charles Kingsley
The church bells were ringing, the devil sat singing On the stump of a rotting old tree; 'Oh faith it grows cold, and the creeds they grow old, And...Rate it:

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A Question
Francis Thompson
thing, A brown fleck of nought; With winging and singing That who could have thought? A small thinRate it:

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