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In Springtime
Rudyard Kipling
of rose and peach is, Ah! koil, little koil, singing on the siris bough, In my ears the knell of exRate it:

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In The Harbour: Autumn Within
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
grown old. Birds are darting through the air, Singing, building without rest; Life is stirring eveRate it:

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In The Harbour: Chimes
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
circles moving on, and hark! I almost hear them singing in their flight. Better than sleep it is toRate it:

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In The Harbour: Possibilities
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
unto whom belong The Olympian heights; whose singing shafts were sent Straight to the mark, and notRate it:

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In The Harbour: The Wine Of Jurançon. (From The French Of Charles Coran)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Mine host, still sitting there au frais, And singing still the same refrain. The Jurançon, so fRate it:

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In the Height of Fashion
Henry Lawson
I can tell, Skipping with a skip that’s festive, Singing with a gladsome yell. I will let my hair gRate it:

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In the Moonlight
Georg Trakl
perhaps the colors of cheerful pictures: Angels singing before Mary's throne. Rate it:

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In the Moonlight
David McKee Wright
bright, and the night is still, and the river is singing by, And many a face is upward turned to gRate it:

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In the Sante
Guillaume Apollinaire
ground Not out of it as he was bid Adieu Adieu O singing round Of years and girls the life I led IRate it:

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In the shadows
Emily Pauline Johnson
sand-piper, winging O'er the shallows, ceases singing When I move. On the water's idle pilloRate it:

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In the thicket's shade
Kobayashi Issa
In the thicket's shade a woman by herself singing the rice-planting song. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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In the Vale of Llangollen
Arthur Symons
the trees: The voice of a bird in the sunshine singing me Messages, messages. Rate it:

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In Trafalgar Square
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
arms laced, were passing through, Tramping and singing. Their heads were bare: their short skirts sRate it:

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In Utrumque Paratus
Adam Lindsay Gordon
friend, peradventure thou mayest seek Recreation singing a psalm.' If I did, your visage so grim anRate it:

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In Winter
Alice Guerin Crist
the chill and frosty air A little brown bird is singing alone. Sing on little bird, for the sky grRate it:

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In Wintry Weather
Dora Sigerson Shorter
not hear my story, Too sweet the birds were singing, Too fair the buds were swinging. If I should cRate it:

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Incidents in the life of my Uncle Arly
Edward Lear
sunsets blazing, Every evening found him gazing, Singing, 'Orb! you're quite amazing! How I wonder Rate it:

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Indian Dancer
Sarojini Naidu
rhythmical, slumber-soft feet. Now silent, now singing and swaying and swinging, like blossoms thaRate it:

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James Thomson
On dewy grass and flowers and blithe birds singing And shining waters, all enraptured springinRate it:

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Robert William Service
to me Her words I'll gaily docket, So I'll come singing home to tea A poem in my pocket. Rate it:

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Interlude: Songs out of Sorrow
Sara Teasdale
I can sing, I still am free. For with my singing I can make A refuge for my spirit's sake, A houseRate it:

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Into old rhyme
Lesbia Harford
winging, Like cigarettes, Are deemed unfit for singing. Into old rhyme New words come tripping Rate it:

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Introit : V. Litany Of Beauty
Thomas MacDonagh
trance to poet is taught, Uttered in secret lay, Singing the heart from earth away, Cunning the souRate it:

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Ezra Pound
mid desirous winds of spring, Had set me singing spheres Or made heart to wander forth among warm rRate it:

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Carl Sandburg
jackies in white blouses, Sitting on the guns singing war songs, war chanties. Shovels, Broad, iroRate it:

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