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Alice Guerin Crist
sound From jubilant creeks long fed with rain, Singing of drought and travail past And a bounteous Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
Alan Parry-Booth
Tem”, was what they said But no-one felt like singing The atmosphere was dead. The young men left Rate it:

(4.00 / 7 votes)
In Bondage
Claude McKay
years of understanding-- Somewhere I would be singing, far away. For life is greater than the thoRate it:

(4.00 / 3 votes)
Margaritae Sorori
William Ernest Henley
My wages taken, and in my heart Some late lark singing, Let me be gather'd to the quiet west, TRate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
My Lady Is Compared To A Young Tree
Vachel Lindsay
With the youngest woodland sapling Swaying, singing in the wind, Delicate and white: Soul so near Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
On Receiving One Of Gloriana’s Letters
Vachel Lindsay
face:— And then again Pavlova To set our spirits singing, The snowy-swan bacchante All glamour, gleRate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
George Meredith
fays; Passions and pageants; sweet love singing bird-like above it; Life in all shapes, aims, andRate it:

(4.00 / 2 votes)
Mathilde Blind
in brooding leisure: Birds have hushed their singing in the hushed tree tops; Not a single cloud Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
John Henry Newman
and fix the heart on heaven; There is a Spirit singing aye in air, That lifts us high above all mRate it:

(4.00 / 3 votes)
Edna St. Vincent Millay
a bitter word. Why do I remember you As a singing bird? Rate it:

(4.00 / 2 votes)
The Mother Moon
Louisa May Alcott
ripples flow, Following the mother's voice, Singing as they go. Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
The Three Voices
Robert William Service
wind and the wave are silent, And world is singing to world. Rate it:

(4.00 / 3 votes)
Buffalo Hunters
Sonia Walker
soar in deadly flight, aiming at prey who are singing their death song, while hearts of men rejoiceRate it:

(3.50 / 2 votes)
loved ones weep and mourn. I want a hallelujah singing service. Weep not for me, but for yourselveRate it:

(3.50 / 2 votes)
Edna St. Vincent Millay
run, Bud and bloom and go to seed; But your singing days are done; But the music of your talk NeverRate it:

(3.50 / 2 votes)
The Star
Edith Nesbit
to lift my eyes Lest love should drive me to singing my star supreme in the skies, And the world crRate it:

(3.17 / 6 votes)
A Ballad
Charles Lamb
of good venison, with old canary wine, With singing and music to heighten the cheer; Coarse bits, wRate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
A Morning Exercise
William Wordsworth
could to sleep incline Wert thou among them, singing as they shine! Rate it:

(3.00 / 2 votes)
A Proadway Pageant
Walt Whitman
merchant, mechanic, and fisherman; The singing-girl and the dancing-girl--the ecstatic person--tRate it:

(3.00 / 2 votes)
Robert William Service
double bed And I will father children three. So singing like a lark I sped To her who ne'er expecteRate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
In My Craft Or Sullen Art
Dylan Thomas
all their griefs in their arms, I labour by singing light Not for ambition or bread Or the strut anRate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
Moesta et Errabunda (Grieving and Wandering)
Charles Baudelaire
Paradise of childhood loves The outings, the singing, the kisses, the bouquets, The violins vibratiRate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
Skipper Ireson's Ride
John Greenleaf Whittier
and pulled up the rocky lane, Shouting and singing the shrill refrain: 'Here's Flud Oirson, fur hisRate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
The Wonderful Country
John Boyle O'Reilly
sweeter the streams and the wild birds singing, The friendships and loves that were true alway; TRate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
Baby Bell
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
the twilights fell! Oh, earth was full of singing-birds And opening springtide flowers, When the daRate it:

(2.50 / 2 votes)

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