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Prince Ahmed and the Fairy
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
the birds nestled thickest, with their wings Shining like Indian stones, and each soft throat TunRate it:

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The Legend of Mirth
Rudyard Kipling
being gone their ways Each to his Charge, the shining Courts were void Save for one Seraph whom no Rate it:

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The Tide River
Charles Kingsley
pool; Cool and clear, cool and clear, By shining shingle and foaming weir; Under the crag where theRate it:

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Unspoken Words
John Boyle O'Reilly
expressed with kindly voice, But let it like a shining river roll To deserts dry,—to hearts that wRate it:

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Let The Cherry Tree Speak For Me
Nobody Nose
out past the Galaxies Which surround our Brave, shining Sun To seek reasons for my connection SoRate it:

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A Day Of Sunshine
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
play, There only could peace enfold me. The shining sun saw me drown and die,-- If you made this dRate it:

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Advent Hymn
Ada Cambridge
and clear, on Judaea's terraced hills,— O shining noon! whose waxèd beauty thrills Earth and her quRate it:

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The River Maiden
Victor James Daley
days gone by, who saw Julin Beneath him shining, With many a wave-washed corridor, And sea-Rate it:

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Amy Lowell
masks with plumes and high heels, The sunlight shining under their insteps. One, One, two, One, twoRate it:

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1914 IV: The Dead
Rupert Brooke
glory, a gathered radiance, A width, a shining peace, under the night. Rate it:

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A Blouse Machinist
Lesbia Harford
mine So I can stare At her pale face and shining blue-black hair. I'm sure that other people thiRate it:

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A Blue Valentine
Joyce Kilmer
memory of your holy life, Nor that of your shining and joyous martyrdom, Which causes me now to addRate it:

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A Brisbane Reverie
James Brunton Stephens
savage learned no love from earth, nor from the “shining frame,” And merely feared the devil under Rate it:

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A Bush Girl
Henry Lawson
different men from those she knows, Of shining tides and broad, bright streams; Of theatres and citRate it:

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A Capital Ship
Charles Edward Carryl
bats wore waterproof hats As they dipped in the shining sea On rugabug bark from dawn till dark We Rate it:

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A Child’s Prayer
Silas Weir Mitchell
Mother! In the dark I fear. Light me with thy shining eyes, Be thou ever near. Holy Mother! HoRate it:

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A Coast View
William Charles Wentworth
lies coiled In slumber, under that wide-shining face! While o'er the watery gleam -- there where Rate it:

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A Coast View
Charles Harpur
lies coiled In slumber, under that wide-shining face! While o’er the watery gleam—there where itsRate it:

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A Commonplace Day
Thomas Hardy
the busy flames, and lay the ends Upon the shining dogs; Further and further from the nooks thRate it:

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A Congratulatory Poem
Aphra Behn
All Hail Illustrious Daughter of a King, Shining without, and Glorious all within, VVhose Eyes bRate it:

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A Dead Rose
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
to bloom, and flower to burn,--- If shining now,---with not a hue would light thee. The Rate it:

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A Death - Scene
Emily Jane Brontë
"O day! he cannot die When thou so fair art shining! O Sun, in such a glorious sky, So tranquilly declining; He cannot leave thee now, While fres...Rate it:

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A Desire To Praise
Thomas Parnell
made the universal frame, Heav'n and all its shining show, Earth and all it holds below; Bow with mRate it:

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A Desolate Shore
William Ernest Henley
the heels of their children--She aloft As in the shining streets, He as in ambush at some accomplicRate it:

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A Farm House by the River
Paul Laurence Dunbar
are touched with golden light So sweetly, softly shining, And morning glories full and bright AboutRate it:

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