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The Star's Song
Abram Joseph Ryan
Flower! Flower, why repine? God knows each creature's place; He hides within me when I shine, And your leaves hide His face. And you are near as I...Rate it:

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When the Shy Star Goes Forth in Heaven
James Joyce
When the shy star goes forth in heaven All maidenly, disconsolate, Hear you amid the drowsy even One who is singing by your gate. His song is s...Rate it:

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From Sunset to Star Rise
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Go from me, summer friends, and tarry not: I am no summer friend, but wintry cold, A silly sheep benighted from the fold, A sluggard with a thor...Rate it:

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Up, soaring in the air Drifting feather soft Swirling with radiant light Fast spinning ' round Grace and beauty Long and lean Golden as the s...Rate it:

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Adegboyega Nafisat
My heart is weary Occupied with many thoughts I looked high above To view beautiful creations But the stars were not there Searched for the moon N...Rate it:

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Morning Star
Donka Kristeva
Son of Man, Lamb of God, Redeemer, Lover of my soul, Prince of peace is born.Rate it:

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Ode XV: To The Evening-Star
Mark Akenside
I. To-night retir'd the queen of heaven With young Endymion stays: And now to Hesper is it given Awhile to rule the vacant sky, Till she shall to h...Rate it:

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Sonnet LXXII. To The Morning Star
Charlotte Smith
THEE! lucid arbiter 'twixt day and night, The seaman greets, as on the ocean stream Reflected, thy precursive friendly beam Points out the long-sou...Rate it:

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Sonnet XXIII. By The Same. To The North Star.
Charlotte Smith
TO thy bright beams I turn my swimming eyes, Fair, favourite planet, which in happier days Saw my young hopes, ah, faithless hopes!--arise, And on ...Rate it:

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William Wordsworth
WHAT crowd is this? what have we here! we must not pass it by; A Telescope upon its frame, and pointed to the sky: Long is it as a barber's pole, o...Rate it:

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John Boyle O'Reilly
LET be what is: why should we strive and wrestle With awkward skill against a subtle doubt? Or pin a mystery 'neath our puny pestle, And vainly ...Rate it:

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Robert Graves
'Are you awake, Gemelli, This frosty night?' 'We'll be awake till reveillé, Which is Sunrise,' say the Gemelli, 'It's no good trying to go to s...Rate it:

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The Morning Star
John Bannister Tabb
The latest beacon spark Upon the western way To guide thro' shallowing dark The silver sails of Day. Rate it:

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The Promise of the Morning Star
Amy Lowell
Thou father of the children of my brain By thee engendered in my willing heart, How can I thank thee for this gift of art Poured out so lavishly...Rate it:

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The Star
Henry Vaughan
1 Whatever 'tis, whose beauty here below 2 Attracts thee thus and makes thee stream and flow, 3 And wind and curl, and wink and smi...Rate it:

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The Star-Bath
Clive Staples Lewis
A place uplifted towards the midnight sky Far, far away among the mountains old, A treeless waste of rocks and freezing cold, Where the dead, cheer...Rate it:

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To the Evening Star
William Blake
Thou fair-haired angel of the evening, Now, whilst the sun rests on the mountains, light Thy bright torch of love; thy radiant crown Put on, and sm...Rate it:

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A Flower's Song
Abram Joseph Ryan
Star! Star, why dost thou shine Each night upon my brow? Why dost thou make me dream the dreams That I am dreaming now? Star! Star, thy home is hi...Rate it:

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Song by the Window Before Bed
Katherine Mansfield
Little Star, little Star, Come down quick. The Moon is a bogey-man; He'll eat you certain if he can. Little Star, little Star, Come down quick! Li...Rate it:

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The Three Kings
Edith Nesbit
WHEN the star in the East was lit to shine The three kings journeyed to Palestine; They came from the uttermost parts of earth With long trains la...Rate it:

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Stonewall Jackson (Ascribed To A Virginian)
Herman Melville
One man we claim of wrought reknown Which not the North shall care to slur; A Modern lived who sleeps in death, Calm as the marble Ancients are: 'T...Rate it:

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The Falling Stars
Charles Mackay
SHEPHERD, thou say'st there is a star Which rules our changeful destinies: Can mortal vision soar so far, Or pierce such mighty mysteries? Shep...Rate it:

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The Tree of Laughing Bells
Vachel Lindsay
[A Poem for Aviators] How the Wings Were Made From many morning-glories That in an hour will fade, From many pansy buds Gathered in the shade,...Rate it:

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When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd
Walt Whitman
from Memories of President Lincoln 1 When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd, And the great star early droop'd in the western sky in the night,...Rate it:

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The Sydney International Exhibition
Henry Kendall
Now, while Orion, flaming south, doth set A shining foot on hills of wind and wet— Far haughty hills beyond the fountains cold And dells of glimmer...Rate it:

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