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Free Verse
Robert Graves
I now delight In spite Of the might And the right Of classic tradition, In writing And reciting Straight ahead, Without let or omission, J...Rate it:

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Go Down, Death
James Weldon Johnson
Weep not, weep not, She is not dead; She's resting in the bosom of Jesus. Heart-broken husband--weep no more; Grief-stricken son--weep no more; Lef...Rate it:

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Got My Game On
Mario William Vitale
got my game on playing basketball in the back lot down at Sandy Dr. watermelon, chicken with grits not to mention those delicous tits call me on my...Rate it:

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Eugene Field
Strange that the city thoroughfare, Noisy and bustling all the day, Should with the night renounce its care, And lend itself to children's play! ...Rate it:

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Thomas Campbell
1 On Linden, when the sun was low, 2 All bloodless lay the untrodden snow, 3 And dark as winter was the flow 4 Of Iser, rolli...Rate it:

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Horace, Epist. I, VII Imitation Of Horace To Lord Oxford
Jonathan Swift
Harley, the nation's great support, Returning home one day from court, His mind with public cares possest, All Europe's business in his breast, Obs...Rate it:

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How Many Paltry Foolish Painted Things
Michael Drayton
How many paltry foolish painted things, That now in coaches trouble every street, Shall be forgotten, whom no poet sings, Ere they be well wrapped ...Rate it:

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Hyla Brook
Robert Frost
By June our brook's run out of song and speed. Sought for much after that, it will be found Either to have gone groping underground (And taken with...Rate it:

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I Am Confused
Devil Poet
I see a horse When I see a horse Try to compose it or, paint it. All the time I see a smiling donkey on a white sheet. I am confused why it...Rate it:

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In the Room
James Thomson
'Ceste insignefable et tragicque comedie' RABELMS. I The sun was down, and twilight grey Filled half the air; but in the room, Whose curtain had ...Rate it:

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Robert William Service
Heigh ho! to sleep I vainly try; Since twelve I haven't closed an eye, And now it's three, and as I lie, From Notre Dame to St. Denis The bells of ...Rate it:

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Internal Firesides
Mathilde Blind
Bewilderingly, from wildly shaken cloud, Invisible hands, deft moving everywhere, Have woven a winding sheet of velvet air, And laid the dead ea...Rate it:

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Boris Pasternak
Under osiers with ivy ingrown We are trying to hide from bad weather. I am clasping your arms in my own, In one cloak we are huddled together. I w...Rate it:

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It's Great When You Get In
Eugene O'Neill
They told me the water was lovely, That I ought to go for a swim, The air was maybe a trifle cool, "You won't mind it when you get in" So I journey...Rate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 06 - part 06
Torquato Tasso
LXXI 'O spotless virgin,' Honor thus began, 'That my true lore observed firmly hast, When with thy foes thou didst in bondage won, Remember then I...Rate it:

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Lament for Culloden
Robert Burns
THE lovely lass o' Inverness, Nae joy nor pleasure can she see; For e'en and morn she cries, 'Alas!' And aye the saut tear blin's her e'e:...Rate it:

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Lament for Ignacio Sánchez Mejías
Federico García Lorca
1. Cogida and death At five in the afternoon. It was exactly five in the afternoon. A boy brought the white sheet at five in the afternoon. A frai...Rate it:

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Letter In Verse
John Clare
Like boys that run behind the loaded wain For the mere joy of riding back again, When summer from the meadow carts the hay And school hours leave t...Rate it:

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Letter To Maria Gisborne
Percy Bysshe Shelley
The spider spreads her webs, whether she be In poet's tower, cellar, or barn, or tree; The silk-worm in the dark green mulberry leaves His winding ...Rate it:

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Leves Amores
Arthur Symons
I Your kisses, and the way you curl, Delicious and distracting girl, Into one's arms, and round about, Luxuriously in and out Twining inextricably,...Rate it:

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Lines on the Fall of Fyers Near Loch Ness
Robert Burns
Among the heathy hills and ragged woods The roaring Fyers pours his mossy floods; Till full he dashes on the rocky mounds, Where, thro' a shapel...Rate it:

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Lost on Both Sides
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
As when two men have loved a woman well, Each hating each, through Love's and Death's deceit; Since not for either this stark marriage-sheet And ...Rate it:

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Lizette Woodworth Reese
Break forth, break forth, O Sudbury town, And bid your yards be gay Up all your gusty streets and down, For Lydia comes to-day! I hear it on t...Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
MASSACHUSETTS BAY, 1760. THE robins sang in the orchard, the buds into blossoms grew; Little of human sorrow the buds and the robins knew! Sick, i...Rate it:

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Marsupial Bill
James Brunton Stephens
1 IT was the time when geese despond, And turkeys make their wills; The time when Christians, to a man, Forgive each other's bills; It was the time...Rate it:

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