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Life In The West.
George Pope Morris
is even as changing; With proud independence we season our cheer, And those who the world are for hRate it:

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Life Is Lovely All the Year
William Schwenck Gilbert
you, Autumn, ay, and winter, too - Every season has its cheer; Life is lovely all the year! Fal la!Rate it:

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Life's Progress
Anne Kingsmill Finch
Joys, how free the Love, Which do's that early Season move; As Flow'rs the Western Winds! Our Rate it:

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Henry Lawson
ever heard, Although it was unschooled. So for a season I preferred By Lily to be fooled. A friendRate it:

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Christopher John Brennan
stalks and cruel cups that keep strong soul of seasons dead to fill the dearth of lesser lives whRate it:

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Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey
William Wordsworth
these orchard-tufts, Which at this season, with their unripe fruits, Are clad in one green hue, aRate it:

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Lines on Revisiting the Country
William Cullen Bryant
sounds, and its polluted air; And, where the season's milder fervours beat, And gales, that sweep tRate it:

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Lines on the Opening of a Spring Campaign
Amelia Opie
fruitless prayer! Thy hand divine The smiling season on must lead; And still at war's ensanguined sRate it:

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Lines To A Friend Visiting America
George Meredith
rich with Indian dyes Goes hugging: we our season's debts Pay calmly, of the Spring forewise. IV Rate it:

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Lines to Him Who Will Understand Them
Mary Darby Robinson
wave's tempestuous space: In every changing season prove An emblem of thy wav'ring LOVE. Torn fRate it:

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Llewellyn and the Tree
Edwin Arlington Robinson
say I might have learned at home The truth in season to be strong? Not so; I took the wine of lifRate it:

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London By Lamplight
George Meredith
virtuous culture unto youth! Youth! in whose season let abound All flowers and fruits that strewRate it:

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Long Plighted
Thomas Hardy
old Yell'ham's wooded mounds Together, as each season steals its rounds And disappears? IRate it:

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Long Years Have Past Since Last I Stood
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
kindling world of vapoury gold. Another season of the year Is now upon the earth and me; Another sRate it:

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Looking at the grinding stones - Dohas (Couplets) I
a hundred buckets, fruit arrives only in its season Give so much O God, suffice to envelop my claRate it:

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Lord Rubadub
Menella Bute Smedley
their queen wore half-mourning for many a season, And rode a blackbeetle for Rubadub's sake. Rate it:

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Love Harps
Ehsan Sehgal
become One As a First and Best For Every Season.Rate it:

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Love I have served, for such length of time
Thibaut de Champagne
a child if I furthered the crime, There’s a season for everything in being. I’ve never been like tRate it:

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Love is Enough: Songs I-IX
William Morris
But this is the harvest and the garnering season, . And the leaf and the blossom in the rRate it:

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Love Of Life
Alfred Austin
enduring ordinance all things here Are in their season shattered and decayed? If you have shared inRate it:

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Love's Growth
John Donne
was, Because it doth endure Vicissitude, and season, as the grass ; Methinks I lied all winter, Rate it:

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Love's Last Adieu
George Gordon Lord Byron
as they grew; They flourish awhile, in the season of truth, Till chill'd by the winter of Love'sRate it:

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John Milton
and sad occasion dear Compels me to disturb your season due; For Lycidas is dead, dead ere his primRate it:

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Lycus the Centaur
Thomas Hood
How thoughtful in sadness! but this is no season To reckon them up from the lag-bellied toad To Rate it:

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Lydia Dick
Eugene Field
so eloquently 'Opera Horatii.' Toiling on a season longer Till my reasoning power got stronger, AsRate it:

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