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An Ode in Time of Hesitation
William Vaughn Moody
-- Sounds of ignoble battle, striking dumb The season's half-awakened ecstasies? Must I be humblRate it:

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An Unmerry Christmas
Ambrose Bierce
until the crack o' doom, Ignore the cheerful season's warmth and bloom And cultivate an oasis of glRate it:

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Answer to Tait
James Clerk Maxwell
boast to prove (Though some may think it out of season, And worthy of a fossil Druid), That there iRate it:

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Archibald Lampman
Pale season, watcher in unvexed suspense, Still priestess of the patient middle day, Betwixt wild March's humored petulance And the warm wooing of ...Rate it:

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April Treason
John Crowe Ransom
boldly, Thinking how to suit the season’s Odor, savor, heats and treasons: Painter! do not stoopRate it:

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Arcady Unheeding
Siegfried Sassoon
go whistling on their way In the spring season of the year; One watches weather-signs of day; OnRate it:

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Adam Lindsay Gordon
of sad trees on Sere uplands, the fall of the season, The fall of the leaves. Alike now each windRate it:

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Argentile and Curan. - Albion's England (excerpt)
William Warner
cheese as white as snow; And wildings or the season's fruit he did in scrip bestow. And whilst Rate it:

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Asphodel, That Greeny Flower
William Carlos Williams
the pink mallow grows and in their season strawberries and there, latRate it:

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Aspiring Miss DeLaine
Francis Bret Harte
had all been agog With a party, the finest the season had seen, To be given in honor of Miss PollywRate it:

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At San Giovanni Del Lago
Alfred Austin
hurry on the years, When life will one long season be Of labour and of tears? ``Be patient with yoRate it:

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Athens: An Ode
Algernon Charles Swinburne
subject unto man as underlings: Yours is now the season here wherein to show it, If the seed ye be Rate it:

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Sir William Davenant
star, The ploughman from the sun his season takes, But still the lover wonders what they are Rate it:

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Audley Court
Alfred Lord Tennyson
touch’d upon the game, how scarce it was This season; glancing thence, discuss’d the farm, The fourRate it:

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Samuel Johnson
pace, Impatient time rolls on the year; The Seasons change, and Nature's face Now sweetly smiles, nRate it:

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Autumn Ill
Guillaume Apollinaire
stags are groaning And how I love O season how I love your rumbling The falling fruits that no one Rate it:

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Autumn Last Remembered
See this burning season glowing all around, With tints of fallen yesterdays a-pile upon the ground. Grown cold from last remembered Summer dies wit...Rate it:

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Autumn Love
Li Ching Chao
litter The ground, pile up, faded, dead. This season I could not bear To pick them. All alone, Rate it:

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Autumn Song
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
many a hue: Russet-red and golden-yellow As the season waxes mellow. As for me, like certain gum-Rate it:

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Ave atque Vale (In memory of Charles Baudelaire)
Algernon Charles Swinburne
spare. Thou sawest, in thine old singing season, brother, Secrets and sorrows unbeheld of us:Rate it:

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Bacchus: Or, The Vines Of Lesbos
Thomas Parnell
thick'ning clusters load the year; The season swiftly purple grew, The grapes hung dangling deep wiRate it:

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Ballade Of Blind Love
Andrew Lang
May Are the sad year's shroud or coronet, In the season of rose or of violet, I shall never forget Rate it:

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Ballade Of The Hardy Annual
Franklin P. Adams
jest that refuses to die Bobs up again as the seasons appear; Deathless it hits us again in the Rate it:

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Battle Of Hastings - I
Thomas Chatterton
erles sleyne, And brued the feeld wyth bloude as season rayne. And of his knyghtes did eke full mRate it:

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Be Still, My Soul, Be Still
Alfred Edward Housman
Be still, be still, my soul; it is but for a season: Let us endure an hour and see injustice doneRate it:

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