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Our Choices
Kurt Philip Behm
Your say download I say upload Diametrically opposed I look up While you look down The truth now juxtaposed I step forward You step back Our choi...Rate it:

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Our Daily Bread
Robert William Service
our due. "Give me my daily toil," I ought to say - (If from life's cursed coil I'd time to pray.) Rate it:

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Our Father’s Business:
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
found, Yet half repelling--as the soft eyes say, 'How is it that ye sought me? Wist ye not That Rate it:

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Our Hands Have Met
William Morris
passed away, And we shall meet and smile and say 'O wasted sighs of long ago!' Wilt thou rejoice tRate it:

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Our Helen
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
kind of way Of looking sly and witty, As if to say, in baby words, 'I know I'm very pretty.' She bRate it:

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Our Hired Girl
James Whitcomb Riley
first thing you know! 11 An' nen she'll say, 12 "Clear out o' my way! 13 TheRate it:

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Our House
Christopher Morley
hours, A garden of old-fashioned flowers- Say marigolds and lavender And mignonette and fever-feRate it:

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Our Jack
Henry Kendall
them into wreaths of subtle fire. We were, I say, a band of three in all, With brother Tom for leadRate it:

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Our Lady of the Mine
Eugene Field
all through it; Three-Fingered Hoover used to say there warn't no meanin' to it. "Gol durn a man," Rate it:

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Our Maecenas
Victor James Daley
somwhat grey - He has good reason, you will say. He's entering a bookshop. Fine! He buys a book. Rate it:

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Our Mountain Cemetery
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
widely spread, Within this city of the Dead. Say, who could tell what aching sighs, What tears frRate it:

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Our Song
Carmen Tejada & Gerald Hierro
I am afraid to say some words But I'm sure I should say a lot more Open myself and drop my soul God pick up my pieces, now I'll fly and roar Crea...Rate it:

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Our Willie
Henry Timrod
the Christmas morn, It scarcely seemed a sin to say That they rang because that babe was born, Not Rate it:

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Out on the Roofs of Hell
Henry Lawson
Death on the roofs of hell. They drivel and say how the bushman drinks, But what do the townsfolk Rate it:

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Outsong in the Jungle
Rudyard Kipling
that moves, When thy Pack would make thee pain, Say: " Tabaqui sings again." When thy Pack would woRate it:

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Over And Undone
Edith Nesbit
IF one might hope that when we say farewell To life, we two might but be one at last! But we look back on a divided past, And a divided future m...Rate it:

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Over The Hills
George Meredith
wags his shaggy tail, And I know what he would say: It's over the hills we'll bound, old hound, Rate it:

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Over The Hills And Far Away
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
level wall; And all that the little bird did say Was, 'Over the hills and far away.' A little bRate it:

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Over The Land Is April
Robert Louis Stevenson
high, brown mountain The sound of singing goes. Say, love, do you hear me, Hear my sonnets ring? OvRate it:

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Over The Lofty Mountains
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
lofty mountains? Shall to my thoughts this wall say,--No! Stand with terror of ice and snow, BarriRate it:

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Over The Parapet
Robert William Service
"Then we'll fight it out in the dark," say I. So we grip and we slip and we trip and wrestle Rate it:

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Tania thompson-Spencer
your forehead... Its the sound of the Pharisees sayin you are dead. How did it feel when you open yRate it:

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Alice Duer Miller
a girl... HE (interrupting) : I thought You'd say that. It's the nonsense girls are taught. You knoRate it:

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Ovid. Trist. Lib. V. Elegy XII.
William Cowper
learn it, and almost unlearn my own;-- Yet to say truth, even here the Muse disdains Confinement, aRate it:

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Owl Against Robin
Sidney Lanier
the sun: even virtue will taint (Philosophers say) and manhood grow faint In the lands where the vRate it:

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