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One World
Henry Van Dyke
"The worlds in which we live are two The world 'I am' and the world 'I do.'" The worlds in which we live at heart are one, The world "I am," the f...Rate it:

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The Dream Of The World Without Death
William Cosmo Monkhouse
NOW, sitting by her side, worn out with weeping, Behold, I fell to sleep, and had a vision, Wherein I heard a wondrous Voice intoning: Cryi...Rate it:

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The House Was Quiet And The World Was Calm
Wallace Stevens
The house was quiet and the world was calm. The reader became the book; and summer night Was like the conscious being of the book. The house was q...Rate it:

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The World
John Newton
See, the world for youth prepares, Harlot-like, her gaudy snares! Pleasures round her seem to wait, But 'tis all a painted cheat. Rash and unsu...Rate it:

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The World Has Grown So Grey
Arthur Henry Adams
THE world has grown so grey, love, The weary world so wide; And autumn seems to stay, love— 'T was autumn when you died. And everything is ...Rate it:

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The World is Full of Kindness
Henry Lawson
The World is full of kindness— And not the poor alone; We Christians in our blindness Bow down to hearts of stone; The clever, bitter cynic, Whose ...Rate it:

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The World Rose
Kurt Philip Behm
The world sneezed, the demon danced —the music stopped in time The world coughed, the demon choked —millions now entwined The world hid, the demo...Rate it:

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We May Roam Through This World
Thomas Moore
We may roam through this world, like a child at a feast, Who but sips of a sweet, and then flies to the rest; And, when pleasure begins to grow d...Rate it:

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World since of Sin ..
Misty Myers
Everyone has their own religious since of sin, when will all the fighting and killing every end? What if man since , isn't God since What if God s...Rate it:

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The World of Dream
Walter de la Mare
Now, through the dusk With muffled bell The Dustman comes The World to tell, Night's elfin lanterns Burn and gleam in the twilight, wonderful...Rate it:

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A Child-World
James Whitcomb Riley
_The Child-World--long and long since lost to view-- A Fairy Paradise!-- How always fair it was and fresh and new-- How every affluent hour heaped ...Rate it:

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Brave New World
Robert William Service
One spoke: "Come, let us gaily go With laughter, love and lust, Since in a century or so We'll all be boneyard dust. When unborn shadows hold the s...Rate it:

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Dawns of the world, how I have known you all...
Christopher John Brennan
Dawns of the world, how I have known you all, so many, and so varied, and the same! dawns o'er the timid plains, or in the folds of the arm'd hi...Rate it:

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Dead to the World
I am dead to the world What I mean to say is i die each day What I mean to say is i am only clay As a sun blackened by burning smoke begins to se...Rate it:

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Dining At The End Of The World
Jennifer Juan
We were so sweet, hands clasped, as we strolled to the end of the world. To run felt futile, when I was happy, to fade from life’s sky, for the gi...Rate it:

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Great, Wide, Beautiful, Wonderful World
William Brighty Rands
Great, wide, beautiful, wonderful World, With the wonderful water round you curled, And the wonderful grass upon your breast-- World, you are be...Rate it:

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If All the World Were Paper
Anonymous Americas
"If all the world were paper And all the sea were ink, If all the trees were bread and cheese What would we do for drink? If all the world were...Rate it:

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In This World
Rene Francois Armand Prudhomme
In this world all the flow'rs wither, The sweet songs of the birds are brief; I dream of summers that will last Always! In this world the lips tou...Rate it:

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Into The World
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Out over childhood's borders, Manhood's brave banners unfurled, Weighed down with precepts and orders A boy has gone into the world. Nobody thinks...Rate it:

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Oh, Could We Do With This World of Ours
Thomas Moore
Oh, could we do with this world of ours As thou dost with thy garden bowers, Reject the weeds and keep the flowers, What a heaven on earth we'd ...Rate it:

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The Crazy World
William Gay
THE WORLD did say to me, ‘My bread thou shalt not eat, I have no place for thee In house nor field nor street. ‘I have on land nor sea ...Rate it:

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The Pre-Adamite World
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Who shall declare the glory of the World, The natural World before Man's form was seen? Fair stainless planet through the heavens hurled, And cloth...Rate it:

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The World
Katherine Philips
Wee falsely think it due unto our friends, That we should grieve for their too early ends: He that surveys the world with serious eys, And stripps ...Rate it:

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The World is with Me
Thomas Hood
The world is with me, and its many cares, Its woes--its wants--the anxious hopes and fears That wait on all terrestrial affairs-- The shades of ...Rate it:

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The World's Advance
George Meredith
Judge mildly the tasked world; and disincline To brand it, for it bears a heavy pack. You have perchance observed the inebriate's track At night wh...Rate it:

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