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Jesus, by Whose Grace I Live
Augustus Montague Toplady
in being while I slept. With the day my heart renew; Let me wake thy will to do. Since the last reRate it:

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La Fontaine
breathe the doves, All, all, my dear Joconde, renew our loves; You laugh!--Ah! cruel, go, expose thRate it:

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Just us too
Coral Atlas
light set free and whispering winds white clouds renew for now we are one, just me, just you and eaRate it:

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King Stephen
John Keats
rush'd once more A throng of foes, and in this renew'd strife, My sword met his and snapp'd off at Rate it:

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Letitia Elizabeth Landon
she sang, she felt her heart Its gladsome youth renew. At first she sang unceasingly, And with a cRate it:

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Last Instructions to a Painter
Andrew Marvell
engine, oft assayed, How after childbirth to renew a maid, And found how royal heirs might be matRate it:

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Adam Lindsay Gordon
my friend, in the spirit land— Will our strife renew ? Nay, I dare not trust, For the grim, great gRate it:

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Thomas Campion
But still moves delight, Like clear springs renew'd by flowing, Ever perfect, ever in them- Rate it:

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Paul Eluard
write your name And for the want of a word I renew my life For I was born to know you To name you Rate it:

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London - in Imitation of the Third Satire of Juvenal
Samuel Johnson
earth; In pleasing dreams the blissful age renew; And call Britannia's glories back to view; BeholdRate it:

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London By Lamplight
George Meredith
again her blighted flower Upon the broken stem, renew Some portion of its early hue; - The heavRate it:

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Lord Of My Life
Rabindranath Tagore
break up the meeting of this languid day! Renew the old in me in fresh forms of delight; and let thRate it:

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Love's Autumn
John Howard Payne
sober flowers: At least their scent will not renew The thought of happy hours, Nor drag sad mRate it:

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Love's Last Adieu
George Gordon Lord Byron
breast, Will whisper, ÒOur meeting we yet may renew:Ó With this dream of deceit, half our sorrowRate it:

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LXVI The Heart Of The Night
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
awful Lord of will! though late, Even yet renew this soul with duteous breath: That when Rate it:

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Maternal Grief
William Wordsworth
returned, Like a scared Bird encouraged to renew A broken intercourse; and, while his eyes Were yetRate it:

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May-Day, 1837
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
and readiest smiles of Earth, Lovely with life renew'd, were always given,-- To thee belong'd theRate it:

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Metrical Letter, Written From London.
Robert Southey
quiet coast. In such a blessed isle We might renew the days of infancy, And Life like a long childhRate it:

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
why that deeper hue Doth all its tender leaves renew; -- And I, like-minded, am content, While musiRate it:

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Miranda’s Tomb
Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
is gone after her. Who knows If any season shall renew his rose? But this rose lives till Beauty's Rate it:

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Mischievous Joy
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
AS a butterfly renew'd, When in life I breath'd my last, To the spots my flight I wing, Scenes of heav'nly rapture past, Over meadows, to the...Rate it:

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Modern Love XXXVIII: Give to Imagination
George Meredith
the light in you. You know me that I never can renew The bond that woman broke: what would you haRate it:

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Monody On The Death Of The Right Hon. R. B. Sheridan
George Gordon Lord Byron
wrestle with Disgrace, To find in Hope but the renew'd caress, The serpent-fold of further FaithlesRate it:

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Monumental Inscription To William Northcot
William Cowper
and meet him in the skies! There nothing shall renew our parting pain, Thou shalt not wither nor I Rate it:

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Charles Harpur
fieldward hastening men!— My very boyhood seems renew’d again ’Mid these delights like a delight caRate it:

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