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A Nocturnal Upon St. Lucy's Day, Being The Shortest Day
John Donne
must be here. But I am none; nor will my sun renew. You lovers, for whose sake the lesser suRate it:

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A Parody Of Glass
Mario William Vitale
we often will bask into the trash..., a gift to renew; in borrowed basement pews insde we often wiRate it:

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A Poem On The Last Day - Book II
Edward Young
circling, on a bough descend. The body thus renew'd, the conscious soul, Which has perhaps been flRate it:

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A Receipt To Restore Stella’s Youth. 1724-5
Jonathan Swift
and evening's dew Again the verdant glebe renew; And, as the vegetables rise, The famish'd cow her Rate it:

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A Requiem
Herman Melville
dawn, The robins blithe their orchard-sports renew; And meadow-larks, no more withdrawn Caroling flRate it:

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A Student's Evening Hymn
James Clerk Maxwell
the same expanse ascending, Thus renew my evening hymn. III. Thou that fill’st our waiting eyes WRate it:

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A Suplication For The Joys Of Heaven
Anne Kingsmill Finch
is meat Heal'd by the first and by the last renew'd With all perfections be my Soul endued My form Rate it:

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A Touching Ceremony
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
is standing, By this holy scene enticed, To renew the golden bridal Of this faithful spouse of ChriRate it:

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A Translation Of The CIV. Psalm To The Original Sense
Sir Henry Wotton
their breath discharge. Again, when thou of life renew'st the seeds, The withered fields revest theRate it:

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Absalom and Achitophel
John Dryden
David view'd His Youthfull Image in his Son renew'd: To all his wishes Nothing he deny'd, And maRate it:

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Address ToThe Devil
Robert Burns
dizzy crags Wi' wicked speed; And in kirk-yards renew their leagues, Owre howket dead. Thence, counRate it:

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Against Unworthy Praise
William Butler Yeats
if the work has seemed, So did she your strength renew, A dream that a lion had dreamed Till the wiRate it:

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Ah! cruel Amarillis
John Wilbye
my sorrow right; And lest vain hope my miseries renew, Come quickly,death, ‘Reave me of breath, Ah!Rate it:

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An Ecstacy
Francis Quarles
we both became entire; No need for either to renew a suit, For I was flax, and He was flames ofRate it:

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AN ELEGY Occasioned by the losse of the most incomparable Lady Stanhope, daughter to the Earl of Northumberland
Henry King
about our heart, Thus constantly the Obsequies renew Which to thy precious memory are due. Yet tRate it:

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AN ELEGY Upon my Best Friend L. K. C.
Henry King
agen: For whilst Successive days their Light renew, I must no Subject hope to Equal you, In whosRate it:

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An EPISTLE from Alexander to Hephaestion In His Sickness
Anne Kingsmill Finch
fierce Distemper thine wou'd quell, They might renew the Fight, and the cold Foe repel. As on ArRate it:

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An Hymn To The Evening
Phillis Wheatley
spring. Soft purl the streams, the birds renew their notes, And through the air their mingled musicRate it:

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An Indian Story
William Cullen Bryant
wind are stirred, And the woods their song renew, With the early carol of many a bird, And the quicRate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
to this coldness, bring life to this death; Renew the great miracle; let us behold The stone from tRate it:

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Ashes Sing
Kurt Philip Behm
heat burns right from wrong As words once old, renew again, —and ashes sing their song (VillanoRate it:

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Ask What I Shall Give Thee (I)
John Newton
me what I have to do; Every hour my strength renew. Let me live a life of faith; Let me die Thy peoRate it:

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At the Long Sault: May, 1660
Archibald Lampman
to number their slain; And now as the days renew Hunger and thirst and care Were they neveRate it:

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Athens: An Ode
Algernon Charles Swinburne
should we rejoice not, if her wreaths renew their flowers? All the world is sweeter, if the AtheniaRate it:

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Autumnal Nightfall
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
and hoar as time decays, Spring shall renew with cheerful days,-- But not my joys again. Rate it:

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