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A Lacking Factor
Ambrose Bierce
'You acted unwisely,' I cried, 'as you see By the outcome.' He calmly eyed me: 'When choosing the course of my action,' said he, 'I had not the out...Rate it:

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ASTRÆA REDUX. A Poem, on the Happy Restoration and Return of His Sacred Majesty, Charles the Second
John Dryden
Now with a general peace the world was blest, While ours, a world divided from the rest, A dreadful quiet felt, and worser far Than arms, a sull...Rate it:

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Soiled earth...pestilence spreads...sprayed pesticide Genetic modification...force fed genocide Merely quite contrary how does the garden not natur...Rate it:

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Fight With A Bear
James McIntyre
The following appeared in Truth in the form of a prose tale of considerable length. We have concentrated the essence thereof into the few verses be...Rate it:

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Flames Of Gold
Mario William Vitale
Flames of Gold Just like the famed Kidd Capre I'm out here building up my sweet legacy Have you ever been down to the lowest pit & you re...Rate it:

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Haydee Rosales-Leatherman
Wanted to make her immortal The wants weight was a factor no substance Beautiful for some, not classic To think he is an artist But I'm hungry She...Rate it:

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Marcus Varro
Eugene Field
Marcus Varro went up and down The places where old books were sold; He ransacked all the shops in town For pictures new and pictures old. He gave t...Rate it:

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Mary Garvin
John Greenleaf Whittier
FROM the heart of Waumbek Methna, from the lake that never fails, Falls the Saco in the green lap of Conway's intervales; There, in wild and virgin...Rate it:

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On a Fork of Byron's
James Brunton Stephens
Like any other fork.—No mark you meet with To point some psychological conceit with. An ordinary fork. A fork to eat with. No individuality of fas...Rate it:

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The Actor
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
O man, with your wonderful dower, O woman, with genius and grace, You can teach the whole world with your power, If you are but worthy the pla...Rate it:

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The Cobbler
La Fontaine
WE'RE told, that once a cobbler, BLASE by name; A wife had got, whose charms so high in fame; But as it happened, that their cash was spent, The ho...Rate it:

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The Common factor
Nikhil Parekh
I was as hot as blistering fire; while she was stoical as placid ice, I was ready to plunge into the unfathomably deep gorge; while she preferred...Rate it:

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The Higher Education
Franklin P. Adams
(Harvard's prestige in football is a leading factor. The best players in the leading preparatory schools prefer to study at Cambridge, where they c...Rate it:

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The Man From Athabaska
Robert William Service
Oh the wife she tried to tell me that 'twas nothing but the thrumming Of a wood-pecker a-rapping on the hollow of a tree; And she thought that ...Rate it:

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The Twa Dogs
Robert Burns
A Tale 'Twas in that place o' Scotland's isle, That bears the name o' auld King Coil, Upon a bonie day in June, When wearin' thro' the afternoon, ...Rate it:

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To The Countess Of Bedford I
John Donne
MADAM— Reason is our soul's left hand, faith her right ; By these we reach divinity, that's you ; Their loves, who have the blessing of your light,...Rate it:

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Triumphant Tumbler
Nikhil Parekh
truly adored its innocuous silhouette as it beautifully floated in near vicinity in the majestically cemented tub; without the tiniest of apprehens...Rate it:

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