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Robert Crawford
ages come and go. The boatman, dumb and hoary, Pulls with a steady pull, And the dead man seems to Rate it:

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Christmas Scene
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
city pubs. He deems it now the crowning joke To 'pull the legs' of city folk. 'What? Snakes?' saysRate it:

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Christmas, 1880
George MacDonald
wast with it! Never sorrow stirred But a love-pull it was upon the chain That draws the children toRate it:

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Collective Tapestry 5
Mariop William Vitale
A Soft Surprise pull back the blanket from your hidden eyes a soft surprise the tongue of the iRate it:

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John Skelton
Theyr sely shepe to fede, But plucke away and pull The fleces of theyr wull, Vnethes they leue Rate it:

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Wilfred Owen
flutter up the bed. His eyes come open with a pull of will, Helped by the yellow may-flowers by hisRate it:

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Consolation of Early Death
Beaumont and Fletcher
this stubborn twin, born with us And tug and pull, yet still we find a giant: Had we not then the Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
an' with a little stool, an' thou Kickin' when I pull yer teat there, Swishin' flies, the pretty crRate it:

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Crispus Attucks
John Boyle O'Reilly
His feet were the first in perilous place to pull the king's flag down; His breast was the first Rate it:

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Cuckoo in the Pear-Tree
William Brighty Rands
are your father's only son - Cuckoo! The bobbin pull tightly, Come through the door lightly - CuckoRate it:

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Cupid's Arrows
Rudyard Kipling
from in front where the best men ride;-- "Pull to the off, boys! Wide! Go wide!" Rate it:

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Damages, Two Hundred Pounds
William Makepeace Thackeray
the parties very well indeed, She had seen him pull his lady's nose and make her lip to bleed; If hRate it:

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Dan's Wife
Anonymous Americas
neat, and bright; Children meet him at the door, Pull him in and looked him o'er; Wife asks how theRate it:

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Daphne to Apollo. Imitated From The First Book Of Ovid's Metamorphosis
Matthew Prior
or Po. As any maid or footman comes or goes, Pull off your hat and ask how Daphne does: These sort Rate it:

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Dat Ol' Mare O' Mine
Paul Laurence Dunbar
nature of huh sex; Dat ol' mare o' mine. Ef you pull her on de lef han'; she plum 'termined to go rRate it:

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Dennis Shand
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
And it's, “O, I've walked the night myself To pull the herbs for Ann: “And some of your knaves wRate it:

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Alexander MacGregor Rose
tam' for growing hup.' For eighteen year dey pull l'argent From bottom of de purse, We tRate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Fifth
George Gordon Lord Byron
stealth; Perhaps his recent loss of blood might pull His spirit down; and then the loss of wealth, Rate it:

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Dot Leedle Boy
James Whitcomb Riley
mine.' Vell.--Ve buyed a leedle horses Dot you pull 'im mit a shtring, Und a leedle fancy jay-birdRate it:

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Down-Hall. A Ballad.
Matthew Prior
hey derry down. Draw up, quoth friend Matthew; pull down, quoth friend John, We shall be both hottRate it:

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John Crowe Ransom
ground! Thirty's God has just the girth To pull the levers of the earth, They made him sinewy and lRate it:

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ElegyXI: The Bracelet
John Donne
each mineral Having by subtle fire a soul out-pull'd, Are dirtily and desperately gull'd ; I would Rate it:

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Epigram. On A Ladys Lace Shown For A Favour
Thomas Parnell
& Cast a knot (Ah why unlacd the maid.). Now pull the further end she cryd The Youth obeyd commandsRate it:

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Epigram: The World Is A Bundle Of Hay
George Gordon Lord Byron
is a bundle of hay, Mankind are the asses who pull; Each tugs it a different way, And the greatestRate it:

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Walt Whitman
And this is some murderer's knife, with a half-pull'd scabbard. This face owes to the sexton Rate it:

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