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Dead Beyond description
Nikhil Parekh
are those living shadows; which devilishly pretend as parasitically delinquent ghosts; scurrilouslyRate it:

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Deaths Twins
Kurt Philip Behm
matters the difference, or need to pretend Either stabbed in the front, or knifed in the back Rate it:

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Democritus And His Neighbors
Anne Kingsmill Finch
whilst they're fixt to one peculiar Place, Pretend to measure far extended Space, And 'mongst theRate it:

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Do Not Forget
Ehsan Sehgal
a cheater I am not a fake I do not lie I do not pretend I do not play tricks I do not break my promRate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Fourth
George Gordon Lord Byron
trace it in this poem every line: I don't pretend that I quite understand My own meaning when I wouRate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Seventh
George Gordon Lord Byron
fault, nor mine, if this be so- For my part, I pretend not to be Cato, Nor even Diogenes.--We live Rate it:

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Drought and Doctrine
James Brunton Stephens
that ain't To be handled by a man as don't pretend to be a saint; So I minds “the cultivation,” smoRate it:

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John Donne
favours bend To virtue, to the which they all pretend ? Thou hast no such ; yet here was this, anRate it:

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Elegy XIV: To Delia
James Hammond
my humbled Mind, To dangerous Bliss no longer to pretend, In Books, a calm but fixt Content to findRate it:

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Epilogue on the Same Occasion (Princess of Cleves)
John Dryden
prattlers in the pit, Who either have, or who pretend to wit; These noisy sirs so loud their partRate it:

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Epitaph. (On a Commonplace Person Who Died in Bed)
Amy Levy
ask for bread, get a stone instead, Never pretend that the stone is bread. Never sway and sway Rate it:

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Evening Song of the Thoughtful Child
Katherine Mansfield
with you, As we always played before. Let's pretend that we have wings And can really truly fly OvRate it:

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Fit the Fifth ( Hunting of the Snark )
Lewis Carroll
the glorious work of the day; And each tried to pretend that he did not remark That the other wasRate it:

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Five Critcisms
Alfred Noyes
unseen, She saw them, too. If none, she'd not pretend His clay were colder, or his God less true, ORate it:

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Free Of Doubt
Kurt Philip Behm
won’t end The pride and the fury, you stole to pretend Looking out at the parishioners, his eyRate it:

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Gotham - Book I
Charles Churchill
lived to Truth, and breathed a Christian air, Pretend that Christ, (who came, we all agree, To blesRate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
Billy and Buddy! They'd clinch as they came, and pretend not to see As they knocked her desk over--Rate it:

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Hitting It Up With Hitler
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Iron Hand Go hitting it up with Hitler, Who can pretend to comprehend This curious law-and-order WhRate it:

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Hymn 167
Isaac Watts
treads the rebels to the ground.] [Who shall pretend to teach him skill, Or guide the counsels of Rate it:

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I Am
Sheila King
flames burning I am smart but still learning I pretend to be happy when things bother me I hear peoRate it:

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I'll never love Thee more
James Graham
Where I should solely be, If others do pretend a part Or dare to vie with me, Or if CommittRate it:

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Adegboyega Nafisat
Do I've to pretend To be what am not Just because the world Wanted me to? I say NO! I'm not raised to be pushover No longer the baby girl Y'all on...Rate it:

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Imperial Revels
Victor Marie Hugo
maid,— Though blood is the cup you fill, Pretend it 'rosy' wine, and still Hail cannon 'king,' and Rate it:

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Improvisations: Light And Snow: 09
Conrad Potter Aiken
like a priest solemnly sliding beads? Or pretend they are roses, pale pink, yellow, and white, And Rate it:

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Mya Edwards
are yOu loNely? i am always here. dont pretend to be hAppy who do you thiNk you are? i will make yRate it:

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