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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
sun slowly set Shower me with all your love pretending we just met Whenever you need me I'll be theRate it:

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A Confidant Without Knowing It; Or The Stratagem
La Fontaine
prove to be) With various fond attentions, to pretend, He loves me--much beyond a common friend. MyRate it:

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A Description of a City Shower
Jonathan Swift
To Shops in Crouds the dagled Females fly, Pretend to cheapen Goods, but nothing buy. The TempleRate it:

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A Mirror I Will Be
Mario William Vitale
open up your heart, let it out don't pretend, just be proud, for the person you really are, Rate it:

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A Pilgrim's Way
Rudyard Kipling
it off. Yea, as we are and we are not, and we pretend to be, The people, Lord, Thy people, are goodRate it:

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A Prologue
John Dryden
preserved for pickle, So this green writer may pretend, at least, To whet your stomachs for a betRate it:

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A Scenic View
Mario William Vitale
Let's just pretend you can take a trusted from on a road trip down by the sea as a beacon of light to a hurting friend in need we have created...Rate it:

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Albert Down Under
Marriott Edgar
they docked on Australian soil. They didn't pretend to believe it, But 'twere too good a story toRate it:

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Always for the First Time
Andre Breton
except that I shall perhaps never meet you You pretend not to know I am watching you Marvelously I Rate it:

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An Epistle To William Hogarth
Charles Churchill
scoundrels oft have safety found) Dost thou pretend, and there a sanction find, Unpunish'd, thus toRate it:

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An Essay On The Different Stiles Of Poetry
Thomas Parnell
Sense. Can things like these to lasting Praise pretend? Can any Muse the worthless Toil befriend? YRate it:

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An Extempore
John Keats
many a twist and plait. At last it struck him to pretend to sleep And then the thievish Monkies dowRate it:

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Annus Mirabilis, The Year Of Wonders, 1666
John Dryden
war. 6 What peace can be, where both to one pretend? (But they more diligent, and we more strong)Rate it:

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At play
Eugene Field
many a strange, true thing we say And do when we pretend to play! Rate it:

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Bacchus and Ariadne
James Henry Leigh Hunt
goes. And for a while delays to call his name, Pretending she should spoil his amorous game; But stRate it:

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Belphegor Addressed To Miss De Chammelay
La Fontaine
our praise together blend; To this we surely may pretend to aim Your acting and my rhymes attentionRate it:

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Calling Me Near
Kurt Philip Behm
close to the end With time, I no longer need to pretend With time, the feelings stand on their owRate it:

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Lola Ridge
he has gone away and left his great coat… so you pretend… you see his face up in the ceiling. When Rate it:

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Childhood Is Calling
Drew Engman
usual to end It’s time to play and it’s time to pretend To walk in the mountains and down in the vRate it:

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Christopher Found
Amy Levy
come so late, so late! This time of day I can't pretend With slight, sweet things to satiate The huRate it:

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Cobain's Hard On
Mario William Vitale
if we believe, eternity This life is war And not pretend Come as you are And get cleansed from sin Rate it:

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Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
love unworthy! But if feigned love, if you would Pretend, you'd easily deceive me, For happily woulRate it:

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Cousin Rufus' Story
James Whitcomb Riley
which seemed To ache on just as bad when he'd pretend He didn't notice it as when he did. It was a Rate it:

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Daphne to Apollo. Imitated From The First Book Of Ovid's Metamorphosis
Matthew Prior
you know looks well! Then if you are, as you pretend, the god That rules the day, and much upon theRate it:

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Dead Beyond description
Nikhil Parekh
are those living shadows; which devilishly pretend as parasitically delinquent ghosts; scurrilouslyRate it:

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