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Much Like Me
Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva
stop here, please. And take, pluck a stem of wildness, The fruit that comes with its fall -- It's Rate it:

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Mummy Wheat
Edith Nesbit
in what coil of pain? But Life shall bid us pluck gold sevenfold grain Grown from the love she bidsRate it:

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My Garden
Eugene Field
distant years Filleth the hearts of men. Come, pluck with me in my garden nooks The posies that blRate it:

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My Winter Rose
Alfred Austin
most needed, my winter rose. From the snow I pluck you, and fondly press Your leaves 'twixt the leaRate it:

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No Master
William Henry Davies
mood, When I go nutting in the wood; No man to pluck my sleeve and say -- I want thy labour for Rate it:

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No News From The War
Augusta Davies Webster
see A young and stalwart captain leap a fence To pluck a cyclamen, not far from me, Which made me Rate it:

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Northern Farmer: New Style
Alfred Lord Tennyson
in all thy braaïns. Woä--theer's a craw to pluck wi' tha, Sam; yon 's parson's 'ouse-- DosRate it:

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Not from the stars do I my judgment pluck (Sonnet 14)
William Shakespeare
Not from the stars do I my judgment pluck, And yet methinks I have astronomy; But not to tell of good or evil luck, Of plagues, of dearths, or seas...Rate it:

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O Sailor, Come Ashore
Christina Georgina Rossetti
the sea. I did not dig it from the ground, Nor pluck it from a tree; Feeble insects made it In Rate it:

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O Turn Once More
Duncan Campbell Scott
awoke the flower-heads from their sleeping And plucked them, proud in their inviolate pride; You leRate it:

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O! Divinely beloved
Nikhil Parekh
heinously perilous vultures descended down; to pluck out robust flesh from bodies divinely alive, Rate it:

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Ode to Reflection
Mary Darby Robinson
"Vaulting AMBITION" mocks each tender claim, Plucks the dear bonds of social life away; As o'er Rate it:

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Ode to the Muse
Mary Darby Robinson
golden bell; And, in their wanton frolic mirth, Pluck the young daisies from the earth, To canopy tRate it:

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Of The Rose Bush
John Bunyan
rose doth also bow its head to me, Saying, Come, pluck me, I thy rose will be; Yet offer I to gatheRate it:

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Off the Ground
Walter de la Mare
And in he goes: Down where the mermaids Pluck and play On their twangling harps In a sea-greenRate it:

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Old Pardon, the Son of Reprieve
Andrew Barton Paterson
inherit their wiry Strong frames -- and their pluck to receive -- As hard as a flint and as fieryRate it:

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Old Paul and Old Tim
William Schwenck Gilbert
might bring Good proofs of his doing the pluckiest thing. They both went away with a qualified joyRate it:

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On a Wet Day
Franco Sacchetti
fun!" "Not that way! Stop her!" "Yes! this way!" Pluck them then!" "O, I've found mushrooms! O lookRate it:

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On Fame
John Keats
of its maidenhood; It is as if the rose should pluck herself, On the ripe plum finger its misty bloRate it:

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On Quitting
Edgar Albert Guest
a thing that you like a lot? You may talk of pluck; it's an easy word, And where'er you go itRate it:

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On The Brink
Charles Stuart Calverley
I WATCH’D her as she stoop’d to pluck A wild flower in her hair to twine; And wish’d that it had been my luck To call her mine; A...Rate it:

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On The Edge Of The Wilderness
William Morris
me depart, since ye are happy here. Puellae. Pluck love away as thou wouldst pluck a thorn From oRate it:

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Orinda upon Little Hector Philips
Katherine Philips
did but see him and he dis-appear'd, I did but pluck the Rose-bud and it fell, A sorrow unforesRate it:

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Otho The Great - Act V
John Keats
snowy timid hand has never sin'd Beyond a flower pluck'd, white as itself? Albert, you do insult myRate it:

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George Gordon Lord Byron
In him who made her not his bride. VII. He pluck'd his poniard in its sheath, But sheathed it Rate it:

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