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Dead Leaves
Edward Booth Loughran
dead leaves were green. How gaily did you pluck these leaves From the acacia's bough, To marRate it:

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John Clare
pillars overswelling, And Danger paused to pluck the flowers That in their swarthy rings were dwellRate it:

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Leon Gellert
me to the banks of some still stream To pluck the frail narcissus buds where’er I may; Or let me muRate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
me, comfort this night. But whosoever would pluck apart my flowering shall burn their hands, SoRate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Third
George Gordon Lord Byron
interpreter a sigh? As those who dote on odours pluck the flowers, And place them on their breast- Rate it:

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Don't Mess With Love
Nikhil Parekh
mess with the bat; it would so barbarously pluck the whites and blacks of your beautiful eyes; thatRate it:

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Henry Kendall
yourself, as Adam did, Amongst the trees. “I pluck the shoes from off my feet, But dare to look arRate it:

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Elegy to the Memory of Richard Boyle, Esq.
Mary Darby Robinson
While soft-eyed SORROW wand'ring round, Shall pluck intruding weeds away." Sad victim of the soRate it:

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English Grass
William Henry Ogilvie
but blood can live the pace, And nought but pluck prevail, The call's to all, the field is fair Rate it:

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Enoch Arden
Alfred Lord Tennyson
and made himself Full sailor; and he thrice had pluck'd a life From the dread sweep of the down-strRate it:

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Bernard O'Dowd
the bolts you forge! And Lust that fears to pluck the flowers you smell! Too low your lintel to sRate it:

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William Watson
grapes from thorns and figs from thistles he. Pluck'd by his hand, the basest weed that grows TowerRate it:

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Epitaph on Sir Thomas Hanmer, Bart.
Samuel Johnson
e'er from Virtue's paths was lured aside, To pluck the flowers of pleasure or of pride. Her gifts dRate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
night, come a new night, say Will you pluck me apart? Will you open the amorous, aching bud Rate it:

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Robert Greene
canker'd flower. Yet were she willing to be pluck'd and worn, She would be gather'd, thoughRate it:

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First Fruit
Isaac Rosenberg
I did not pluck at all, And I am sorry now : The garden is not barred But the boughs are heavy with snow, The flake-blossoms thickly fall And the h...Rate it:

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First Love
William Schwenck Gilbert
was extremely good. A BAYARD in his moral pluck Without reproach or fear, A quiet venerable duck WRate it:

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Flower in the Crannied Wall
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Flower in the crannied wall, I pluck you out of the crannies, I hold you here, root and all, in my hand, Little flower-but if I could understand...Rate it:

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For A Child
Harriet Monroe
Say, do you play upon the starry floor, And pluck the anemone and asphodel In happy groves, a haRate it:

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William Wordsworth
no fruit behind When the pretty flowerets die; Pluck them, and another year As many will be blowRate it:

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William Topaz McGonagall
watched him eagerly on the other side. So he pluck'd a flower right merrily Which seemed to fill Rate it:

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Sydney Elliott Napier
of storied name and deed, As thou hast pluck’d, so oft, from cumb’ring weed The fragrant floRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
but to complicate the complication. To pluck an apple form a tree And feed upon it seems to be A sRate it:

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From Perugia
John Greenleaf Whittier
dishevelled and torn! O fathers, who pluck at your gray beards for shame! O mothers, struck dumb byRate it:

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From you have I been absent in the spring... (Sonnet 98)
William Shakespeare
any summer's story tell, Or from their proud lap pluck them where they grew. Nor did I wonder at thRate it:

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