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..But a short time to live
Leslie Coulson
dream, to sing our song, To pick the fruit, to pluck the flower, The Gods—They do not give us lonRate it:

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Amy Lowell
Abate, With that great brown leaf in your wig. Pluck it off, I beg you, Or I shall die of laughing.Rate it:

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A Poet's Home
Charles Harpur
streaked, That flavour even the breeze: To pluck the fig, that in its broad-leafed shade Secretes Rate it:

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A Brand Plucked Out Of The Fire
John Newton
this brand thy threats are vain; JESUS has pluck'd it from the flame, And who shall put it in againRate it:

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A Bridal In The Bois De Boulogne.
Mathilde Blind
the lilacs are blowing and glowing! They pluck them by handfuls and pile them in a mass; And the Rate it:

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A Daughter of Eve
Christina Georgina Rossetti
the comfortless cold moon; A fool to pluck my rose too soon, A fool to snap my lily. My garden-ploRate it:

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A Defence Of English Spring
Alfred Austin
grossly, wood-anemones. Those, too? Nay, pluck not. You will find That they maintain a silent mind.Rate it:

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A Ditty Of No Tone
James Whitcomb Riley
wing-tips ere he flits away. III. And I would pluck from out the dank, rich mould, Thick-shaded fRate it:

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A Dream Of Resurrection
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
from our eyes. Come back into the upper day: Pluck off these cerements. Patient shroud, We'll wRate it:

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A Flower Of A Day
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
of last years joys--my pretty flower, I'll pluck thee--smiling too. Not one salt drop Shall stainRate it:

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A Flower Of Mullein
Lizette Woodworth Reese
the weather, like the wind or dew. You love to pluck the different, and find Stuff for your joy in Rate it:

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A Girl's Grave
Patrick Edward Quinn
thick and high Over your buried head. I pluck one straight as a Paynim's lance To keep yoRate it:

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A Girls' Grave
Patrick Edward Quinn
thick and high Over your buried head. I pluck one straight as a Paynim's lance To keep yourRate it:

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A Little Boy in the Morning
Francis Ledwidge
their nest-sills finches whistle Or stooping pluck the downy thistle. How is the morn so gay and Rate it:

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A Marching Song
Algernon Charles Swinburne
From doubt and lame division, We pluck the fruit and eat; And the mouth finds it bitterRate it:

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A Match
Algernon Charles Swinburne
king of pain, We'd hunt down love together, Pluck out his flying-feather, And teach his feet a mRate it:

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A Meditation On Rhode-Island Coal
William Cullen Bryant
from that 'ruler of the inverted year,' Shalt pluck the knotty sceptre Cowper gave, And pull him frRate it:

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A Memory of the Players in a Mirror at Midnight
James Joyce
see to mouth upon. Dire hunger holds his hour. Pluck forth your heart, saltblood, a fruit of tears.Rate it:

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A Minor Poet
Stephen Vincent Benet
drown the mere. Others with subtle hands may pluck the strings, Making even Love in music audiblRate it:

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A Narrow Girdle of Rough Stones and Crags
William Wordsworth
And now the other, to point out, perchance To pluck, some flower or water-weed, too fair Either Rate it:

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A Rhapsody Of A Southern Winter Night
Henry Timrod
the fence and smiled A hint that I should pluck it for her sake. Ah, me! I trust I was not well awaRate it:

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A Rose Has Thorns As Well As Honey
Christina Georgina Rossetti
and jolly, Honest, prickly, shining holly; Pluck me holly leaf and berry For the day when I makeRate it:

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A Song For Soldiers
John Boyle O'Reilly
pathos and pain of affliction; Whether of manly pluck in the perilous hour, or that which is higherRate it:

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A Tribute To My Grandparents
Nikhil Parekh
used to pummel each other in the ribs; violently pluck each other's hair in intense indignation, WRate it:

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A Wild Rose
Alfred Austin
in wayside hedge, This year I wandering see, I pluck, and send it as a pledge, My own Wild Rose, toRate it:

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