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Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
you glance for glance, And smile and scheme and plot, You cannot raise a jealous thought, I know yoRate it:

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Foolin' Wid De Seasons
Paul Laurence Dunbar
he nevah t'inks o' nuffin 'Ceptin' jes' to plot an' plan. All de wintah he was plannin' How he 'd Rate it:

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Footnotes Of Pain
Kurt Philip Behm
dormant and muted, as consonants reign A plot with no purpose, an ending refrained Its messagRate it:

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For A' That And A' That
Sir Walter Scott
I had forgot, They ca'd America that! A coward plot her rats had got Their father's flag to gnaw thRate it:

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From the Earth, a Cry
John Boyle O'Reilly
spend— That hold the teeming planet as a garden plot for a thousand— That draw the crowds to the Rate it:

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Charlotte Brontë
the city hung the moon, Right o'er a plot of ground Where flowers and orchard-trees were fenced Rate it:

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Give me a roof where Wisdom dwells
Alfred Austin
to live, to think, to feel, A narrow plot, a prospect wide, A patch upon the mountain side! From thRate it:

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Robert William Service
more chores to do there. Here I weed the garden plot, Scare the crows from pillage; Simmer in the Rate it:

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Graves At Christiania
Katharine Lee Bates
encloses That resting-place of fame, A little plot of roses, Nameless nor needing name. Rate it:

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Gum Is The Sky
Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev
startled, wakeful sky, And all is still... Is a plot being Hatched in the silent wastes on high?.. Rate it:

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Katharine Tynan
is boy's love out of place Now in any garden plot. Love-in-a-mist, bewilderèd With the many tears Rate it:

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Homage To Sextus Propertius - XI
Ezra Pound
eyes you flee, not the city, You do nothing, you plot inane schemes against me, Languidly you stretRate it:

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Hudibras: Part 3 - Canto II
Samuel Butler
be maintain'd; Like thieves, that in a hemp-plot lie Secur'd against the hue-and-cry; For PRESBYTERRate it:

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Hudson's Last Voyage
Henry Van Dyke
sailor-clerk, you salted puritan, You knew the plot and silently agreed, Salving your conscience Rate it:

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Improvisation On An Old Song
Duncan Campbell Scott
fruit; _Growing, growing, all the glory going._ Plot, ye subtle statesmen,--a trace of melted wax;Rate it:

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In Human Closeness there is a Secret Edge
Anna Akhmatova
the love. And friendship, too, is powerless plot, And so years of bliss with noble tends, When youRate it:

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In Memoriam—Rev. J. J. Lyons
Emma Lazarus
his chosen globe. For he was one Who at his seed-plot toiled through rain and sun. Morn found him nRate it:

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In Memory of Walter Savage Landor
Algernon Charles Swinburne
things but one. In many a tender wheaten plot Flowers that were dead Live, and old suRate it:

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In November (2)
Archibald Lampman
and sandy spot, And, all about, the vacant plot, Was peopled and inhabited By scores of Rate it:

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In the Old Theatre, Fiesole (April, 1887)
Thomas Hardy
of Caesar's sceptred line. For in my distant plot of English loam 'Twas but to delve, and straigRate it:

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In The Old Theatre, Fiesole.
Thomas Hardy
of Caesar's sceptred line. For in my distant plot of English loam 'Twas but to delve, and straigRate it:

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Edna St. Vincent Millay
build their houses inland, People that buy a plot of ground Shaped like a house, and build a house Rate it:

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King Claudius
Constantine P. Cavafy
that the voyage to England had been a secret plot, and orders had been given to kill the prince theRate it:

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L'Ancien Regime
James Thomson
recompense got Fierce struggle with brigue and plot, Then a fall from lofty place Into exile andRate it:

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L'Homme Moyen Sensuel
Ezra Pound
it will be more inspiring If I set forth a bawdy plot like Byron Than if I treat the nation as a whRate it:

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