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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
of birds; and wake The sleeping blossoms on the plain And make the brooks to flow again. I thoughtRate it:

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Charles Stuart Calverley
Thou art loved so dearly: 22 I am plain, but then 23 Thou (to speak sincerely) 24 ARate it:

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Love and Music. Written at Oxford, When Young
William Shenstone
his right maintain'd O'er all that ranged the plain: The fiercer tyrants could assuage, Or fire theRate it:

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Love's Omnipresence
Joshua Sylvester
Where I was base as is the lowly plain, And you, my Love, as high as heaven above, Yet should the thoughts of me your humble swain Ascend to heaven...Rate it:

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Letitia Elizabeth Landon
century on the town, That o’er yon crowded plain, With wealth its dower, and art its crown, Rate it:

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Marmion: Canto 6 (excerpt)
Sir Walter Scott
the motions of some foe, Who traversed on the plain below. XIX Even so it was. From FloddenRate it:

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Marshalling Of The Achaians
George Meredith
ships and their shelterings poured forth On that plain of Scamander, and horrible rumbled beneath tRate it:

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Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland, 1803 X. Rob Roy’s Grave .
William Wordsworth
blinded thus, we lose Distinctions that are plain and few: These find I graven on my heart: 'That'Rate it:

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Monody On The Death Of Dr. Warton
William Lisle Bowles
below, That shone irriguous in the gleaming plain; The river's bend, where the dark barge went sloRate it:

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Monody, Written At Matlock
William Lisle Bowles
at the foot of frowning crags upreared, Complains like one forsaken and unheard. To me, it seems toRate it:

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Mons Angelorum
Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
the men of Amalek and Ai, Lords of the plain and coast ? Is it thy strength ? Nay, but Jehovah's inRate it:

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My Highland Lassie, O
Robert Burns
Within the glen sae bushy, O, Aboon the plain sae rushy, O, I sit me down wi' right gRate it:

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Never, Never Land
Henry Lawson
where beneath the clustered stars The dreamy plains expand- My home lies wide a thousand miles In Rate it:

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Night And peace
Edward Rowland Sill
NIGHT in the woods,—night: Peace, peace on the plain. The last red sunset beam Belts the tall beech with gold; The quiet kine are in the fold, ...Rate it:

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Nocturne III
Jose Asuncion Silva
the flowering path which crosses the plain you walked; and the full moon in the infiniRate it:

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Ode (From The French)
George Gordon Lord Byron
curse thee, Waterloo! Though Freedom's blood thy plain bedew; There 'twas shed, but is not sunk­ RiRate it:

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Ode to Borrowdale
Amelia Opie
sky, Thy wooded valley, and thy matchless plain. Bright vale! the Muse's choicest theme, My morninRate it:

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Ode to the Muse
Mary Darby Robinson
glitt'ring train, Or swarm along the sultry plain. Then in sweet converse let us rove, Where in thRate it:

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On Beauty
James Thomson
maid! makes all beholders cry. Her dress was plain, not pompous as a bride, Which would her sweetRate it:

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On The Boulevard
Robert William Service
at me. Moving tales my pen might write; Poems plain on every face; Monologues you could recite WithRate it:

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On The Plains
Arthur Henry Adams
the sun and sky, Full length on the tussocky plain I lie: An ocean of yellow from east to west Rate it:

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On The Plains
George Essex Evans
southern strain, Thou brown-winged angel of the plain! Here, where the days are dull and grey, AndRate it:

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On the Prospect of Peace
Thomas Tickell
song. Who hath not read of fam'd Ramillia's plain, Bavaria's fall, and Danube choak'd with slain!Rate it:

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Paradise Regained: The Second Book
John Milton
winds with reeds and osiers whispering play, Plain fishermen (no greater men them call), Close in aRate it:

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Patty of the Vale
John Clare
and heavy rain, It's head bow'd lowly on the plain; Hand silently it seem'd in pain Of life's endanRate it:

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