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The Mylora Elopement
Andrew Barton Paterson
shines on figures twain That ride across Mylora Plain, Laughing and talking -- Jim and Jane. "StRate it:

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The Old Apple-Tree
Paul Laurence Dunbar
rare. I kin shet my eyes an' see it Jest as plain as plain kin be, That same old swing a-danglin'Rate it:

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The Old Pine Tree
William Henry Drummond
George! up thro' the mountain gorge, Over the plain where the tempest blows, and the great white fRate it:

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The Only sounds!
Nikhil Parekh
heaven sauntering amiably on fathomlessly plain ground, Some said that there wasn't a thing as uRate it:

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The Origin Of Flattery
Charlotte Smith
and gold; Left his calm cottage and his native plain, In search of wealth to tempt the faithless maRate it:

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The Parting
Anne Brontë
flowers,' she said, 'Are smiling on the plain. And ere one half of them are dead, MRate it:

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The Petition for an Absolute Retreat
Anne Kingsmill Finch
drest (Though to make an angel's feast) In the plain unstudied sauce Nor truffle nor morillia was; Rate it:

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The Philanthropic Society
William Lisle Bowles
again The green-leaved forest, and the purple plain; With mingling melody the woods shall ring, TheRate it:

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The Pity of It
Katharine Lee Bates
I. In South Africa Over the lonesome African plain The stars look down, like eyes of the slain. A bumping ride across gullies and ruts, Now a ...Rate it:

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The Poet's Song
Archibald Lampman
town, the palms, and, beyond all, The burning plain, As listless as the hour, alone, The poet by hRate it:

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The Poor Man's Lamb
Anne Kingsmill Finch
the Prophet: – –In a flow'ry Plain A King-like Man does in full Plenty reign; Rate it:

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The Prodigy.
Mary Barber
Verse, as in Armies, that march o'er the Plain, The least Man among them is seen without Pain. ThisRate it:

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The Progress of Taste, or the Fate of Delicacy
William Shenstone
them). For humble ease, ye Powers! I pray; That plain warm suit for every day, And pleasure and broRate it:

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The Red River Voyageur
John Greenleaf Whittier
belts of dusky pine-land And gusty leagues of plain. Only, at times, a smoke-wreath With the driftRate it:

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The Rock
Mario William Vitale
the large jawed kings of your time And the plain faced queens of circumstance Searched for deeper mRate it:

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The Rose Tree
William Butler Yeats
all the wells are parched away? O plain as plain can be There's nothing but our own red blood Can mRate it:

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The Ruling Thought
Count Giacomo Leopardi
thou, alone, like some huge tower, In a deserted plain, Gigantic, solitary, dost remain. How worthRate it:

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The Rush to London
Henry Lawson
fair girls shall adore you; The poor, plain face of one that loved May never rise before you. But iRate it:

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The Santa-Fe Trail (A Humoresque)
Vachel Lindsay
the whispers of the morning dumb:— Cars in a plain realistic row. And fair dreams fade When the rawRate it:

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The Shepherd's Week (excerpt)
John Gay
The wisest lout of all the neighbouring plain! From Cloddipole we learnt to read the skies, Rate it:

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The Shepherd's Week : Monday; or the Squabble
John Gay
swain, The wisest lout of all the neighbouring plain! From Cloddipole we learnt to read the skies, Rate it:

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The Shepherds Calendar - April
John Clare
their mossy nest On the warm bed thy plain supplys The young lambs find repose And mid thy green hiRate it:

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The Siege of Corinth
George Gordon Lord Byron
thousand spears, And downward to the Isthmian plain, From shore to shore of either main, The tenRate it:

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The Slavery Of Greece
George Canning
slain Were strew'd on Marathon's ensanguin'd plain; When heaps on heaps the routed squadron fell, ARate it:

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The Song Of Old Joe Swallow
Henry Lawson
an' we'd travel far and slow Through the plains an' 'cross the ranges in the days of long ago. Rate it:

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