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Forever Wondering
Kurt Philip Behm
Some men remain conflicted, some men are justly bad Some men are deemed to stay confused, some men forever sad Some men will strive for fortu...Rate it:

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From an Outpost
Leslie Coulson
I've tramped South England up and down Down Dorset way, down Devon way, Through every little ancient town Down Dorset way, down Devon way. I mi...Rate it:

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From Perugia
John Greenleaf Whittier
HARRIET BEECHER STOWE'S Letters from Italy. THE tall, sallow guardsmen their horsetails have spread, Flaming out in their violet, yellow, and red; ...Rate it:

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Zora Bernice May Cross
It’s holiday time on the hollyhock hills, And I wish you would come with me laddie-love, now, The butterfly-bells, from the Folly-fool rills, Wil...Rate it:

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Give Your Heart To The Hawks
Robinson Jeffers
1 he apples hung until a wind at the equinox, That heaped the beach with black weed, filled the dry grass Under the old trees with rosy fruit. ...Rate it:

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God's Judgment on a Wicked Bishop
Robert Southey
The summer and autumn had been so wet, That in winter the corn was growing yet, 'Twas a piteous sight to see all around The grain lie rotting on th...Rate it:

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Gold and Love for Dearie
Eugene Field
Out on the mountain over the town, All night long, all night long, The trolls go up and the trolls go down, Bearing their packs and singing a...Rate it:

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Golden Gully
Henry Lawson
No one lives in Golden Gully, for its golden days are o’er, And its clay shall never sully blucher-boots of diggers more, For the diggers long have...Rate it:

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Gone Away
William Henry Ogilvie
‘ He's away ! '- With a quickened wild beat of the heart Every horseman responds, riding hard for a start, While back on the breeze with insisten...Rate it:

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Conrad Potter Aiken
Goya drew a pig on a wall. The five-year-old hairdresser’s son Saw, graved on a silver tray, The lion; and sunsets were begun. Goya smelt the ...Rate it:

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John Crowe Ransom
WHO is it beams the merriest At killing a man, the laughing one? You are the one I nominate, God of the rivers of Babylon. A hundred times I've t...Rate it:

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Gray Room
Wallace Stevens
Although you sit in a room that is gray, Except for the silver Of the straw-paper, And pick At your pale white gown; Or lift one of the green ...Rate it:

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William Barnes
'Tis merry ov a zummer's day, When vo'k be out a-haulèn hay, Where boughs, a-spread upon the ground, Do meäke the staddle big an' round; An' gr...Rate it:

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Hide and Seek
Henry Van Dyke
All the trees are sleeping, all the winds are still, All the flocks of fleecy clouds have wandered past the hill; Through the noonday silence, down...Rate it:

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His Gippsland Girl
William Henry Ogilvie
Now, money was scarce and work was slack And love to his heart Crept in, And he rode away on the Northern track To war with the world an...Rate it:

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His Phoenix
William Butler Yeats
THERE is a queen in China, or maybe it's in Spain, And birthdays and holidays such praises can be heard Of her unblemished lineaments, a whiteness ...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
An'—wilt—yeh—take—this—woman—fer—to—be Yer—wed ded—wife?— . . . O, strike me! Will I wot? Take 'er? Doreen? 'E stan's there arstin' me! As if 'e...Rate it:

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Home, Wounded
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Wheel me into the sunshine, Wheel me into the shadow, There must be leaves on the woodbine, Is the king-cup crowned in the meadow? Wheel me down t...Rate it:

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Hymne Des Transportés (Hymn Of The Transported)
Victor Marie Hugo
Prions ! voici l'ombre sereine. Vers toi, grand Dieu, nos yeux et nos bras sont levés. Ceux qui t'offrent ici leurs larmes et leur chaîne Sont l...Rate it:

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I Sing The Body Electric
Walt Whitman
I SING the Body electric; The armies of those I love engirth me, and I engirth them; They will not let me off till I go with them, respon...Rate it:

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I tend my flowers for thee
Emily Dickinson
I tend my flowers for thee— Bright Absentee! My Fuchsia's Coral Seams Rip—while the Sower—dreams— Geraniums— tint—and spot— Low Daisies—dot— My Ca...Rate it:

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Charles Baudelaire
To bear a weight that cannot be borne, Sisyphus, even you aren't that strong, Although your heart cannot be torn Time is short and Art is long. ...Rate it:

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In The Month Athyr
Constantine P. Cavafy
I can just read the inscription on this ancient stone. “Lo[r]d Jesus Christ.” I make out a “So[u]l.” “In the mon[th] of Athyr’ ‘Lefkio[s] went to s...Rate it:

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Incidents in the life of my Uncle Arly
Edward Lear
O my aged Uncle Arly! Sitting on a heap of Barley Thro' the silent hours of night, Close beside a leafy thicket: On his nose there was a Cricket, I...Rate it:

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Carl Sandburg
In the cool of the night time The clocks pick off the points And the mainsprings loosen. They will need winding. One of these days they will n...Rate it:

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