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Care of Birds for their Young
James Thomson
As thus the patient dam assiduous sits, Not to be tempted from her tender task, Or by sharp hunger, or by smooth delight, Tho' the whole loosen'd ...Rate it:

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Lola Ridge
Cherry, cherry, glowing on the hearth, bright red cherry…. When you try to pick up cherry Celia’s shriek sticks in you like a pin. When God throws...Rate it:

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Ch 01 Manner of Kings Story 21
Sa di
It is narrated that an oppressor of the people, a soldier, hit the head of a pious man with a stone and that the dervish, having no means of taking...Rate it:

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Richard Aldington
I The bitterness. the misery, the wretchedness of childhood Put me out of love with God. I can't believe in God's goodness; I can believe In ...Rate it:

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Christmas Trees
Robert Frost
The city had withdrawn into itself And left at last the country to the country; When between whirls of snow not come to lie And whirls of foliage n...Rate it:

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Colonial Experience
Andrew Barton Paterson
When first I came to Sydney Cove And up and down the streets did rove, I thought such sights I ne'er did see Since first I learnt my A, B, C. Oh! ...Rate it:

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Come And Play In The Garden
Ann Taylor
LITTLE sister, come away, And let us in the garden play, For it is a pleasant day. On the grass-plat let us sit, Or, if you please, we'll play ...Rate it:

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Come and Play in the Garden
Jane Taylor
Little sister, come away, And let us in the garden play, For it is a pleasant day. On the grass-plat let us sit, Or, if you please, we'll play ...Rate it:

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William Carlos Williams
They call me and I go. It is a frozen road past midnight, a dust of snow caught in the rigid wheeltracks. The door opens. I smile, enter and ...Rate it:

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Convalescent ['By good men's prayers see Grant restored!']
Ambrose Bierce
'By good men's prayers see Grant restored!' Shouts Talmage, pious creature! Yes, God, by supplication bored From every droning preacher, Exclaimed:...Rate it:

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Corinna's Going A-Maying
Robert Herrick
Get up, get up for shame, the blooming Morn Upon her wings presents the god unshorn. See how Aurora throws her fair Fresh-quilted colours t...Rate it:

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Cornish Lullaby
Eugene Field
Out on the mountain over the town, All night long, all night long, The trolls go up and the trolls go down, Bearing their packs and crooning a so...Rate it:

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Corydon's Supplication To Phyllis
Nicholas Breton
Sweet Phyllis, if a silly swain May sue to thee for grace, See not thy loving shepherd slain With looking on thy face; But think what power thou ha...Rate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
The Crankadox leaned o'er the edge of the moon And wistfully gazed on the sea Where the Gryxabodill madly whistled a tune To the air of 'Ti-fol-de-...Rate it:

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Cupid And Ganymede
Matthew Prior
In Heav'n, one Holy-day, You read In wise Anacreon, Ganymede Drew heedless Cupid in, to throw A Main, to pass an Hour, or so. The little Trojan, b...Rate it:

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Dark-Browed Martha
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
When the frost-king clothed the forests In a flood of gorgeous dyes, Death called little dark-browed Martha To her mansion in the skies. 'Twas a ca...Rate it:

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Death And Daphne
Jonathan Swift
Death went upon a solemn day At Pluto's hall his court to pay; The phantom having humbly kiss'd His grisly monarch's sooty fist, Presented him the ...Rate it:

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Dick and Edward
James McIntyre
The Thurso baker, Robert Dick, Armed with his hammer and his pick, Dame nature's secrets did reveal, Which she for ages did conceal. In Banff has...Rate it:

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Down On Wriggle Crick
James Whitcomb Riley
'Best time to kill a hog's when he's fat.' --Old Saw. Mostly folks is law-abidin' Down on Wriggle Crick--, Seein' they's no Squire residin' In our...Rate it:

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Duck an' Fowl
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now, when a bloke 'e cracks a bloke fer insults to a skirt, An' wrecks a joint to square a lady's name, They used to call it chivalry, but now they...Rate it:

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Elegy Upon Tiger
Jonathan Swift
Her dead lady's joy and comfort, Who departed this life The last day of March, 1727: To the great joy of Bryan That his antagonist is gone. And is...Rate it:

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English Eclogues V - The Witch
Robert Southey
NATHANIEL. Father! here father! I have found a horse-shoe! Faith it was just in time, for t'other night I laid two straws across at Margery's door,...Rate it:

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Englishman In Italy, The
Robert Browning
PIANO DI SORRENTO Fort, Fort, my beloved one, Sit here by my side, On my knees put up both little feet! I was sure, if I tried, I could make y...Rate it:

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Evening. To Harriet
Percy Bysshe Shelley
O thou bright Sun! beneath the dark blue line Of western distance that sublime descendest, And, gleaming lovelier as thy beams decline, Thy million...Rate it:

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For all the Land to See: A Song of the Tools
Henry Lawson
THE CROSS-CUT and the crowbar cross, and hang them on the wall, And make a greenhide rack to fit the wedges and the maul, The “done” long-handled s...Rate it:

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