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At Sunset Time
Paul Laurence Dunbar
A DOWN the west a golden glow Sinks burning in the sea, And all the dreams of long ago Come flooding back to me. The past has writ a story strange ...Rate it:

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At the Cedars
Duncan Campbell Scott
You had two girls -- Baptiste -- One is Virginie -- Hold hard -- Baptiste! Listen to me. The whole drive was jammed In that bend at the Cedars, T...Rate it:

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At The Last
Edith Nesbit
Where are you--you whose loving breath Alone can stay my soul from death? The world's so wide, I seek it through, Yet--dare I dream to win to you? ...Rate it:

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At The Last Watch
Rabindranath Tagore
Pity, in place of love, That pettiest of gifts, Is but a sugar-coating over neglect. Any passerby can make a gift of it To a street beggar, Only to...Rate it:

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At the Long Sault: May, 1660
Archibald Lampman
Under the day-long sun there is life and mirth In the working earth, And the wonderful moon shines bright Through the soft spring ni...Rate it:

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At the Opera
Victor James Daley
THE CURTAIN rose—the play began— The limelight on the gay garbs shone; Yet carelessly I gazed upon The painted players, maid and man, As o...Rate it:

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At The Theatre
Constantine P. Cavafy
I got bored looking at the stage and raised my eyes to the box circle. In one of the boxes I saw you with your strange beauty, your decadent youthf...Rate it:

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At the Twilight
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
At the twilight, a moon appeared in the sky; Then it landed on earth to look at me. Like a hawk stealing a bird at the time of prey; That moon st...Rate it:

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At Thirty-Five
Robert William Service
Three score and ten, the psalmist saith, And half my course is well-nigh run; I've had my flout at dusty death, I've had my whack of feast and fun....Rate it:

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At Tynemouth Priory
William Lisle Bowles
AFTER A TEMPESTUOUS VOYAGE. As slow I climb the cliff's ascending side, Much musing on the track of terror past, When o'er the dark wave rode the ...Rate it:

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At Utter Loaf
James Whitcomb Riley
I. An afternoon as ripe with heat As might the golden pippin be With mellowness if at my feet It dropped now from the apple-tree My hammock swings...Rate it:

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At Washington
John Greenleaf Whittier
WITH a cold and wintry noon-light. On its roofs and steeples shed, Shadows weaving with t e sunlight From the gray sky overhead, Broadly, vaguely, ...Rate it:

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Atlas; Or The Minister Of State
Jonathan Swift
TO THE LORD TREASURER OXFORD 1710 Atlas, we read in ancient song, Was so exceeding tall and strong, He bore the skies upon his back, Just as the p...Rate it:

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Atra Cura
William Makepeace Thackeray
Before I lost my five poor wits, I mind me of a Romish clerk, Who sang how Care, the phantom dark, Beside the belted horseman sits. Methought I saw...Rate it:

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Attente (Expectation)
Victor Marie Hugo
Monte, écureuil, monte au grand chêne, Sur la branche des cieux prochaine, Qui plie et tremble comme un jonc. Cigogne, aux vieilles tours fidèle, O...Rate it:

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Audaciously Dare
Nikhil Parekh
Only he who knows how to adeptly rebuild the castle perfectly; blending cement; concrete and glass in commensurate proportions; can audaciously dar...Rate it:

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August Moonrise
Sara Teasdale
The sun was gone, and the moon was coming Over the blue Connecticut hills; The west was rosy, the east was flushed, And over my head the swallows r...Rate it:

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Auld Maitland
Andrew Lang
There lived a king in southern land, King Edward hight his name; Unwordily he wore the crown, Till fifty years were gane. He had a sister's son o'...Rate it:

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Aunt Imogen
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Aunt Imogen was coming, and therefore The children—Jane, Sylvester, and Young George— Were eyes and ears; for there was only one Aunt Imogen to ...Rate it:

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Australia's Peril
Henry Lawson
We must suffer, husband and father, we must suffer, daughter and son, For the wrong we have taken part in and the wrong that we have seen done. Let...Rate it:

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Australian War Song
Henry Kendall
Men have said that ye were sleeping— Hurl, Australians, back the lie; Whet the swords you have in keeping, Forward stand to do or die! Hear ye not,...Rate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
As a harvester, at dusk, Faring down some woody trail Leading homeward through the musk Of may-apple and pawpaw, Hazel-bush, and spice and haw,-- S...Rate it:

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Autumn And Winter
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Three months bade wane and wax the wintering moon Between two dates of death, while men were fain Yet of the living light that all too soon Three...Rate it:

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Ave Maria
Alfred Austin
In the ages of Faith, before the day When men were too proud to weep or pray, There stood in a red-roofed Breton town Snugly nestled 'twixt sea and...Rate it:

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Ave! (An Ode for the Shelley Centenary, 1892)
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
I O tranquil meadows, grassy Tantramar, Wide marshes ever washed in clearest air, Whether beneath the sole and spectral star The de...Rate it:

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