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Of Justice
John Denham
'Tis the first sanction Nature gave to man, Each other to assist in what they can; Just or unjust, this law for ever stands; All things are good by...Rate it:

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On Dante's Monument, 1818
Count Giacomo Leopardi
Though all the nations now Peace gathers under her white wings, The minds of Italy will ne'er be free From the restraints of their old lethargy, Ti...Rate it:

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Philiper Flash
James Whitcomb Riley
Young Philiper Flash was a promising lad, His intentions were good--but oh, how sad For a person to think How the veriest pink And bloom of perfect...Rate it:

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Portrait d'une Femme
Ezra Pound
Your mind and you are our Sargasso Sea, London has swept about you this score years And bright ships left you this or that in fee: Ideas, old gossi...Rate it:

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Preparatory Meditations - Second Series: 146
Edward Taylor
(Canticles 6:13. Return, oh Shulamite, Return, Return) My dear, dear Lord, I know not what to say: Speech is too coarse a web for me to clothe My ...Rate it:

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Prologue to the Prophetess, by Beaumont and Fletcher. Revived by Dryden. Spoken by Mr. Betterton
John Dryden
What Nostradame, with all his art, can guess The fate of our approaching Prophetess? A play, which, like a prospective set right, Presents our v...Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
As Islam's Prophet, when his last day drew Nigh to its close, besought all men to say Whom he had wronged, to whom he then should pay A debt forgot...Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
There was a time when I incessantly coaxed my boss to relieve me early; liberating me an infinitesimal trifle of my debilitatingly coercing schedul...Rate it:

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Rokeby: Canto VI.
Sir Walter Scott
I. The summer sun, whose early power Was wont to gild Matilda's bower, And rouse her with his matin ray Her duteous orisons to pay, That morni...Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
When the Waters were dried an' the Earth did appear, ("It's all one," says the Sapper), The Lord He created the Engineer, Her Majesty's Royal Eng...Rate it:

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Robert William Service
He hurried away, young heart of joy, under our Devon sky! And I watched him go, my beautiful boy, and a weary woman was I. For my hair is grey, and...Rate it:

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Spectator ab Extra
Arthur Hugh Clough
As I sat in the Café I said to myself, They may talk as they please about what they call pelf, They may sneer as they like about eating and drinkin...Rate it:

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Stamp Collector
Robert William Service
My worldly wealth I hoard in albums three, My life collection of rare postage stamps; My room is cold and bare as you can see, My coat is old and s...Rate it:

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Stanzas Subjoined To The Yearly Bill Of Mortality Of The Parish Of All-Saints, Northampton. Anno Domini 1792
William Cowper
Thankless for favours from on high, Man thinks he fades too soon; Though 'tis his privilege to die, Would he improve the boon. But he, not wise en...Rate it:

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Robinson Jeffers
The sky was cold December blue with great tumbling clouds, and the little river Ran full but clear. A bare-legged girl in a red jersey was wading i...Rate it:

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The Bad Squire
Charles Kingsley
The merry brown hares came leaping Over the crest of the hill, Where the clover and corn lay sleeping Under the moonlight still. Leaping late and ...Rate it:

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The Ballad of the Red Earl
Rudyard Kipling
It is not for them to criticize too minutely the methods the Irish followed, though they might deplore some of their results. During the past few y...Rate it:

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The Beatific Vision
Edith Nesbit
OH God! if I do my duty And walk in the thorny way, Will you pay me with heavens of beauty, Millions of lives away? Will you give me the music of h...Rate it:

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The Borough. Letter XVIII: The Poor And Their
George Crabbe
Dwellings YES! we've our Borough-vices, and I know How far they spread, how rapidly they grow; Yet think not virtue quits the busy place, Nor chari...Rate it:

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The Borough. Letter XXIII: Prisons
George Crabbe
'TIS well--that Man to all the varying states Of good and ill his mind accommodates; He not alone progressive grief sustains, But soon submits to u...Rate it:

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The Broomfield Hill
Andrew Lang
There was a knight and lady bright Set trysts amo the broom, The one to come at morning eav, The other at afternoon. 'I'll wager a wager wi' you,'...Rate it:

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The Brus Book 20
John Barbour
King Robert in Northumberland] Sone eftre that the erle Thomas Fra Wardaill thus reparyt was The king assemblyt all his mycht And left nane th...Rate it:

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The Burial: In Memory of W.L.E.
Leon Gellert
What task is this that so unnerves me now? When pity should be dead, and has been dead. Unloose that sheet from round the pierced brow; What matter...Rate it:

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The Captain and the Mermaids
William Schwenck Gilbert
I SING a legend of the sea, So hard-a-port upon your lee! A ship on starboard tack! She's bound upon a private cruise - (This is the kind of spice ...Rate it:

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The Curse Of Cromwell
William Butler Yeats
YOU ask what -- I have found, and far and wide I go: Nothing but Cromwell's house and Cromwell's murderous crew, The lovers and the dancers are bea...Rate it:

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