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For a Column At Runnymede
Mark Akenside
Thou, who the verdant plain dost traverse here While Thames among his willows from thy view Retires; O stranger, stay thee, and the scene...Rate it:

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For Australia
Henry Lawson
Now, with the wars of the world begun, they'll listen to you and me, Now while the frightened nations run to the arms of democracy, Now, when ou...Rate it:

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For each ecstatic instant
Emily Dickinson
For each ecstatic instant We must an anguish pay In keen and quivering ratio To the ectasty. For each beloved hour Sharp pittances of years, Bitte...Rate it:

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James Weldon Johnson
The hand of Fate cannot be stayed, The course of Fate cannot be steered, By all the gods that man has made, Nor all the devils he has feared, Not b...Rate it:

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Fragmentary Scenes From The Road To Avernus
Adam Lindsay Gordon
Scene I 'Discontent' LAURENCE RABY. Laurence: I said to young Allan M'Ilveray, Beside the swift swirls of the North, When, in lilac shot through ...Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
"Free". The very word perpetuated even the most hopelessly deadened persona; forever and ever and ever; with rays of magically unfettered...Rate it:

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Friar Philip's Geese
La Fontaine
IF these gay tales give pleasure to the FAIR, The honour's great conferred, I'm well aware; Yet, why suppose the sex my pages shun? Enough, if they...Rate it:

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
WHO never eat with tears his bread, Who never through night's heavy hours Sat weeping on his lonely bed,-- He knows you not, ye heavenly powers! ...Rate it:

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From Beginning To End
Kurt Philip Behm
You want it to make sense You want it to become clear Your feigned self importance No longer precious or dear But the only one caring And the on...Rate it:

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From Menander
William Cowper
Fond youth! who dream'st that hoarded gold Is needful not alone to pay For all thy various items sold, To serve the wants of every day; Bread, vin...Rate it:

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From Shadow
Duncan Campbell Scott
Now the November skies, And the clouds that are thin and gray, That drop with the wind away; A flood of sunlight rolls, In a tide of shallow light,...Rate it:

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From The House Of Life The Sonnet
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
A Sonnet is a moment's monument, Memorial from the Soul's eternity To one dead deathless hour. Look that it be, Whether for lus...Rate it:

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From The Ladies Defence
Lady Mary Chudleigh
Melissa: I've still rever'd your Order [she is responding to a Parson] as Divine; And when I see unblemish'd Virtue shine, When solid Learning, and...Rate it:

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From The Prometheus Vinctus Of Aeschylus
George Gordon Lord Byron
Great Jove, to whose almighty throne Both gods and mortals homage pay, Ne'er may my soul thy power disown, Thy dread behests ne'er disobey. Oft sha...Rate it:

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From: Time In The Rock
Conrad Potter Aiken
XXIV If one voice, not another, must speak first, out of the silence, the stillness, the preceding— speaking clearly, speaking slowly, measuring ...Rate it:

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Gascoigne's Lullaby
George Gascoigne
1 Sing lullaby, as women do, 2 Wherewith they bring their babes to rest; 3 And lullaby can I sing to, 4 As womanly as can the bes...Rate it:

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Gemini And Virgo
Charles Stuart Calverley
Some vast amount of years ago, Ere all my youth had vanished from me, A boy it was my lot to know, Whom his familiar friends called Tommy. I love ...Rate it:

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General Gordon, the Hero of Khartoum
William Topaz McGonagall
Alas! now o'er the civilised world there hangs a gloom For brave General Gordon, that was killed in Khartoum, He was a Christian hero, and a soldie...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Gentlemen! a politician, One who values his position, Stands, with easy confidence, Here before you on the fence. For he knows full well, good frie...Rate it:

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Get Work
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
On one fine but fatal morning in the early Eocene, Lo, a brawny Bloke set out to dig a hole: First of men to put a puncture in the tertiary green W...Rate it:

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Gift Me, Your Love
Ehsan Sehgal
Can you call me? Otherwise, Give me your number I will call you I just want to tell you With the breathings With the heartbeats In a devotion way...Rate it:

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Gavril Romanovich Derzhavin
O Thou, who's infinite in space, Alive in ever-moving matter, Eternal in the flow of time, God faceless, with a trinity of faces! Soul unified and ...Rate it:

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God of Mercy, God of Grace
Henry Francis Lyte
God of mercy, God of grace, Show the brightness of Thy face: Shine upon us, Saviour, shine, Fill Thy church with light Divine; And Thy saving h...Rate it:

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Going Home
Robert William Service
I'm goin' 'ome to Blighty -- ain't I glad to 'ave the chance! I'm loaded up wiv fightin', and I've 'ad my fill o' France; I'm feelin' so excited-li...Rate it:

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Goody Blake and Harry Gill
William Wordsworth
Oh! what's the matter? what's the matter? What is't that ails young Harry Gill? That evermore his teeth they chatter, Chatter, chatter, chatter ...Rate it:

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