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The Cow
Robert Louis Stevenson
The friendly cow all red and white, I love with all my heart: She gives me cream with all her might, To eat with apple-tart. She wanders lowin...Rate it:

(4.33 / 3 votes)
A Birthday
Christina Georgina Rossetti
My heart is like a singing bird Whose nest is in a water'd shoot; My heart is like an apple-tree Whose boughs are bent with thickset fruit; My hear...Rate it:

(4.25 / 4 votes)
A Song of Honour
Ralph Hodgson
I climbed a hill as light fell short, And rooks came home in scramble sort, And filled the trees and flapped and fought And sang themselves to s...Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
A Beginning Of The End
Mario William Vitale
A swarm of bees insects, butterfly's & snakes Left helpless again down on my knees To digest hate into loves reality It all started with an ap...Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
Assumpta Maria
Francis Thompson
Mortals, that behold a Woman, Rising 'twixt the Moon and Sun; Who am I the heavens assume? an All am I, and I am one. Multitudinous ascend I, Drea...Rate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
Original Sin
Robinson Jeffers
The man-brained and man-handed ground-ape, physically The most repulsive of all hot-blooded animals Up to that time of the world: they had dug a ...Rate it:

(4.00 / 2 votes)
The Rose Family
Robert Frost
The rose is a rose, And was always a rose. But the theory now goes That the apple's a rose, And the pear is, and so's The plum, I suppose. The dear...Rate it:

(3.50 / 2 votes)
Elinor Morton Wylie
Too high, too high to pluck My heart shall swing. A fruit no bee shall suck, No wasp shall sting. If on some night of cold It falls to ground ...Rate it:

(3.50 / 2 votes)
You and You
Edith Wharton
TO THE AMERICAN PRIVATE IN THE GREAT WAR Every one of you won the war— You and you and you— Each one knowing what it was for, And what was his ...Rate it:

(3.50 / 2 votes)
A Poison Tree
William Blake
I was angry with my friend: I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow. And I watered it in fear...Rate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
Ego Dominus Tuus
William Butler Yeats
Hic. On the grey sand beside the shallow stream Under your old wind-beaten tower, where still A lamp burns on beside the open book That Michael Rob...Rate it:

(3.00 / 2 votes)
Helen Hunt Jackson
1 The golden-rod is yellow; 2 The corn is turning brown; 3 The trees in apple orchards 4 With fruit are bending down. 5 T...Rate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
James Joyce
My love is in a light attire Among the apple trees, Where the gay winds do most desire To run in companies. There, where the gay winds s...Rate it:

(3.00 / 3 votes)
Summer Shower
Emily Dickinson
A drop fell on the apple tree, Another on the roof; A half a dozen kissed the eaves, And made the gables laugh. A few went out to help the brook, ...Rate it:

(3.00 / 2 votes)
In the Orchard
James Stephens
There was a giant by the Orchard Wall Peeping about on this side and on that, And feeling in the trees: he was as tall As the big apple tree, a...Rate it:

(2.00 / 1 vote)
death follows me closely while life retreats into shadows shunning gnarled fingers of winters hand my heart palpitates a lonesome song a pondera...Rate it:

(2.00 / 4 votes)
An Olive Fire
Robert William Service
An olive fire's a lovely thing; Somehow it makes me think of Spring As in my grate it over-spills With dancing flames like daffodils. They flirt an...Rate it:

(1.50 / 4 votes)
I have a Rendezvous with Death
Alan Seeger
I have a rendezvous with Death At some disputed barricade, When Spring comes back with rustling shade And apple-blossoms fill the air— I have a ren...Rate it:

(1.50 / 2 votes)
A Pinch of Salt
Robert Graves
When a dream is born in you With a sudden clamorous pain, When you know the dream is true And lovely, with no flaw nor stain, O then, be careful, o...Rate it:

(1.00 / 1 vote)
The Banana's Lullaby
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
When grandma wished to keep her fruit Her apples she would take And put them on a bed of straw At rest, but wide awake; But newer days have newer m...Rate it:

(1.00 / 1 vote)
James W Foley
O'Leary, from Chicago, and a first-class fightin' man, For his father was from Kerry, where the gentle art began: Sergeant Dennis P. O'Leary, fro...Rate it:

(1.00 / 1 vote)
Yarrow Unvisited
William Wordsworth
. From Stirling castle we had seen The mazy Forth unravelled; Had trod the banks of Clyde, and Tay, And with the Tweed had travelled; ...Rate it:

(1.00 / 1 vote)
1 Million Gods
Nikhil Parekh
When I was in office; I felt as if somebody was trying to wring my neck each second; pummeling me down forcefully towards the ground, While when I...Rate it:

(0.00 / 0 votes)
A Brook In The City
Robert Frost
The farmhouse lingers, though averse to square With the new city street it has to wear A number in. But what about the brook That held the house as...Rate it:

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A Bush Lawyer
Andrew Barton Paterson
When Ironbark the turtle came to Anthony's lagoon The hills were hid behind a mist of equinoctal rain, The ripple of the rivulets was like a chee...Rate it:

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