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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
say ye - nay, verily, I heard ye wink. For the noise of the falling - of the flapping of your collRate it:

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In Memoriam A. H. H. 7
Alfred Lord Tennyson
to the door. He is not here; but far away The noise of life begins again, And ghastly thro' the driRate it:

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John Howard Payne
brown sweet throstle sing, And the low clear noise of waters running softly by our feet, When tRate it:

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Donka Kristeva
voice, his heavy chains fell with a clattering noise. Man trusted and followed and knew no more fRate it:

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In A Castle
Amy Lowell
hard and dead, like frozen fire. And the little noise never stops. Drip -- hiss -- the rain drops.Rate it:

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London To Folkestone (Half-Past One To Half-Past Five)
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
least touch, and close about the face A wind of noise that is along like God. Pauses of water sooRate it:

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Love's Ebb And Flow
Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy
in thy hands once more. Already, with loud noise, the waves are hasting Back from afar to the belovRate it:

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Of the Mean and Sure Estate
Sir Thomas Wyatt
fear durst not well scarce appear, Of every noise so was the wretch aghast. At last she askèRate it:

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I Stood
Joe Giso
fate!" How many times must I hear? This constant noise in my ear. One day the truth will prevail ARate it:

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Christmas Holidays
Thomas Hood
Along the Woodford road there comes a noise Of wheels, and Mr. Rounding's neat post-chaise Struggles along, drawn by a pair of bays, With Revere...Rate it:

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Nobody Cometh To Woo
John Clare
they're weary to see't, While the dogs at the noise begin barking, And I slink in with shame from tRate it:

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On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity
John Milton
Divinely-warbled voice Answering the stringèd noise, As all their souls in blissful rapture tookRate it:

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Samson Agonistes (excerpts)
John Milton
me; hence with leave Retiring from the popular noise, I seek This unfrequented place to find soRate it:

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The Cradle
La Fontaine
from its place, To ope the door, and lest he noise might make, Or any way by chance the child shoulRate it:

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The Life of Man
Sir Francis Bacon
foreign soil, perils and toil: Wars with their noise affright us: when they cease, We are worse in Rate it:

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'Look at The Clock!' : Patty Morgan The Milkmaid's Story
Richard Harris Barham
exploits such a vast trophy, Soon made a great noise; and the shocking fatality Ran over, like wiRate it:

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00:13: Train Ride Inspiration
Kenneth R. Jenkins
train moves Quickly in the night's air And the noise from the train Keeps a steady beat lugging Rate it:

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Amy Lowell
sunlight into ribbons, tattered and shot with noise. I sit in the cool arbour, in a green-and-goldRate it:

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A Ballad of Ducks
Andrew Barton Paterson
rose for their morning flight With the flapping noise like a million flags: And the kitchen chimnRate it:

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A Ballad, Shewing How An Old Woman Rode Double, And Who Rode Before Her
Robert Southey
as they could tell, And aye as louder grew the noise The faster went the bell. Louder and louder tRate it:

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A Book of Wordsworth
Leon Gellert
songs and gleanings from that inward eye; The noise of bees the wind in daffodils; The splendour ofRate it:

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A Child's Garden
Rudyard Kipling
go by on either side, And make an angry-hooty noise That rather startles little boys. But worst ofRate it:

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A Contented Mind
Joshua Sylvester
not at the thunder's crack, I tremble not at noise of war, I swoon not at the news of wrack, I shriRate it:

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A Death in the Bush
Henry Kendall
the echoes of the noon And moaned amongst the noises of the night. From thence a cattle track, witRate it:

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A Farmhouse Dirge
Alfred Austin
and leave no trace, not the echo e'en of their noise: Don't you think that silence and stillness arRate it:

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