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John Greenleaf Whittier
THANK God for the token! one lip is still free, One spirit untrammelled, unbending one knee! Like the oak of the mountain, deep-rooted and firm, Er...Rate it:

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September 1, 1802
William Wordsworth
WE had a female Passenger who came From Calais with us, spotless in array,-- A white-robed Negro, like a lady gay, Yet downcast as a woman fearing ...Rate it:

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Similes For Two Political Characters of 1819
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I. As from an ancestral oak Two empty ravens sound their clarion, Yell by yell, and croak by croak, When they scent the noonday smoke Of fresh huma...Rate it:

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Simon Legree
Vachel Lindsay
A Negro Sermon. (To be read in your own variety of negro dialect.) Legree’s big house was white and green. His cotton-fields were the best to be s...Rate it:

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Sinfonia Color de Fresa Con Leche
Jose Asuncion Silva
A los colibríes decadentes Rítmica Reina lírica! Con venusinos cantos de sol y rosa, de mirra y laca y polícromos cromos de tonos mil oye los c...Rate it:

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Song Of The Negro Boatman
John Greenleaf Whittier
Oh, praise an' tanks! De Lord he come To set de people free; An' massa tink it day ob doom, An' we ob jubilee. De Lord dat heap de Red Sea waves He...Rate it:

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Song of the Son
Jean Toomer
Pour O pour that parting soul in song O pour it in the sawdust glow of night Into the velvet pine-smoke air tonight, And let the valley carry it al...Rate it:

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Sonnet to Negro Soldiers
Joseph Seamon Cotter
They shall go down unto Life's Borderland, Walk unafraid within that Living Hell, Nor heed the driving rain of shot and shell That 'round them f...Rate it:

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Stanzas for the Times
John Greenleaf Whittier
Is this the land our fathers loved, The freedom which they toiled to win? Is this the soil whereon they moved? Are these the graves they slumber...Rate it:

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Sub Terra
William Carlos Williams
Where shall I find you— You, my grotesque fellows That I seek everywhere To make up my band? None, not one With the earthy tastes I require: ...Rate it:

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Sweet Meat Has Sour Sauce; Or, The Slave-Trader In The Dumps
William Cowper
A trader I am to the African shore, But since that my trading is like to be o'er, I'll sing you a song that you ne'er heard before, Which nobody ...Rate it:

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The Ape
Charles Lamb
An Ape is but a trivial beast, Men count it light and vain; But I would let them have their thoughts, To have my Ape again. To love a beast in any...Rate it:

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The Ballad of St. Barbara
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
(St Barbara is the patron saint of gunners, and those in danger of sudden death.) When the long grey lines came flooding upon Paris in the plain, ...Rate it:

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The Bishop of Rum-Ti-Foo Again
William Schwenck Gilbert
I often wonder whether you Think sometimes of that Bishop, who From black but balmy Rum-ti-Foo Last summer twelvemonth came. Unto your mind I p'r'a...Rate it:

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The Booker Washington Trilogy
Vachel Lindsay
I. A NEGRO SERMON:—SIMON LEGREE (To be read in your own variety of negro dialect.) Legree's big house was white and green. His cotton-fields were...Rate it:

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The Charge At Port Hudson
Anonymous Americas
'Niggers won't fight' ah ha! 'Niggers won't fight' ah ha! 'They are no good for war, One in a hundred.' Let Mississippi's shore, Flooded with negro...Rate it:

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The Congo: A Study of the Negro Race
Vachel Lindsay
I. THEIR BASIC SAVAGERY Fat black bucks in a wine-barrel room, Barrel-house kings, with feet unstable, Sagged and reeled and pounded on the table,...Rate it:

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The Departure of Summer
Thomas Hood
Summer is gone on swallows' wings, And Earth has buried all her flowers: No more the lark,—the linnet—sings, But Silence sits in faded bowers. ...Rate it:

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The Glance
Francis Beaumont
Cold Virtue guard me, or I shall endure From the next glance a double calenture Of fire and lust! Two flames, two Semeles, Dwell in those eyes, who...Rate it:

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The Haschish
John Greenleaf Whittier
Of all that Orient lands can vaunt Of marvels with our own competing, The strangest is the Haschish plant, And what will follow on its eating. What...Rate it:

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The Hesitating Veteran
Ambrose Bierce
When I was young and full of faith And other fads that youngsters cherish A cry rose as of one that saith With emphasis: 'Help or I perish!' 'Twas ...Rate it:

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The Last Buccaneer
Charles Kingsley
OH, England is a pleasant place for them that ’s rich and high; But England is a cruel place for such poor folks as I; And such a port for mari...Rate it:

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The Legend of La Brea
Charles Kingsley
Down beside the loathly Pitch Lake, In the stately Morichal, Sat an ancient Spanish Indian, Peering through the columns tall. Watching vainly for ...Rate it:

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The Little Negro
Ann Taylor
Ah! the poor little blackamoor, see there he goes, And the blood gushes out from his half frozen toes, And his legs are so thin you may see the ver...Rate it:

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The Malay—took the Pearl
Emily Dickinson
The Malay—took the Pearl— Not—I—the Earl— I—feared the Sea—too much Unsanctified—to touch— Praying that I might be Worthy—the Destiny— The Swarthy...Rate it:

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