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1866 -- Addressed To The Old Year
Henry Timrod
child of Time, Eyes which have looked on every mortal crime, And swept the piteous round of mortal Rate it:

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A Company of Fiends
Joseph Mark Ippolito
twa’ Tae’ warn aw’ sinners tae’ come awa’ Wance mortal bodie wi’ spungious new Desecat, damned, a Rate it:

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A Day Dream
Emily Jane Brontë
spirits sung, Or seemed to sing, to me. "O mortal! mortal! let them die; Let time and tears destrRate it:

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A Lost Angel
Ellis Parker Butler
for human love I deemed her. A spirit free from mortal taint I thought her, And incense as unto a sRate it:

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A Poem On The Last Day - Book I
Edward Young
hero set their souls on fire, And grow immortal as his deeds inspire; I draw a deeper scene; a scenRate it:

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A Poet's Hope
Ambrose Bierce
'Twas a weary-looking mortal, and he wandered near the portal Of the melancholy City of the Discontented Dead. He was pale and worn exceeding and h...Rate it:

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A Rhapsody Of A Southern Winter Night
Henry Timrod
its darkest frown -- In all its realms I saw no mortal crown Which did not wound or crush some restRate it:

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A Une Madone (To A Madonna)
Charles Baudelaire
head an immense Crown, And from my Jealousy, O mortal Madonna, I shall know how to cut a cloak inRate it:

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A Vision Of Doom
Ambrose Bierce
curses. All These visible shapes, and sounds no mortal ear Had ever heard, some spiritual sense IntRate it:

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A Worm Will Turn
William Schwenck Gilbert
extremely cross. Men thought him steeled to mortal foes, But no - he bowed to countless blows, But Rate it:

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Admetus: To my friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson
Emma Lazarus
her left her with due thanks: No goddess, but a mortal, to be won By such a simple feat as driving Rate it:

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Against Urania
Francis Thompson
she being goddess, I have given her more Than mortal ladies from their loves receive; And first of Rate it:

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Boys Bathing
Muriel Stuart
destined sport of gods and men. Unseen, the immortal ones are here, Remembering their mortal lovesRate it:

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Childe Harold's Pilgrimage: A Romaunt. Canto II.
George Gordon Lord Byron
of heaven!-but thou, alas! Didst never yet one mortal song inspire- Goddess of Wisdom! here thy tRate it:

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Dear Savior Of A Dying World
Anna Laetitia Waring
the wrecks of death! A “hail!” to every mortal pang That bids me take my right To glory in the blesRate it:

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Deliciae Sapientiae de Amore
Coventry Patmore
simpleness first hears The meaning of his mortal covenant, And from what pride comes down To wear tRate it:

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Destined To Be Dead . When God wants .
Nikhil Parekh
of the painter would reach him the epitome of mortal success and fame; or whether he'd spend a lifeRate it:

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William Wordsworth
as a holy train Or blest procession (to the Immortals dear) That brought their precious libertyRate it:

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Katharine Tynan
Thou madest from the dust. Say to Thyself: This mortal being, So deaf, so blind, so prone to sin, Rate it:

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Duncan, an Ode
Helen Maria Williams
which night with lasting sway, Ever shrouds from mortal eyes, Nor divides one hour with day-- SoundRate it:

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Elegy XVI. He Suggests the Advantage of Birth To a Person of Merit
William Shenstone
truth I told, How amorous Jove trepann'd a mortal fair; How through the race the generous current rRate it:

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Henry Timrod
their rage, Our foes should fling us down their mortal gage, And with a hostile step profane our soRate it:

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Fingal - Book II
James Macpherson
"They rest together in their caves, and talk of mortal men." "Then let them talk of mortal men; oRate it:

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Geist's Grave
Matthew Arnold
the Virgilian cry, The sense of tears in mortal things-- That steadfast, mournful strain, consoleRate it:

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Robert Crawford
who have had Their part in all things here, The mortal hope and fear, Till, as now from the bier BuRate it:

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